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1 year of wedding: what to give?

The first anniversary of the marriage is a calico wedding. At the same time, in addition to traditional calico things on this day, you can give a young family and many other things that will be useful and will be able to bring joy.

Gift Ideas for Calico Wedding

Products from calico

Each anniversary of the marriage is associated with a particular material, metal, stone. The first year after the wedding is a time when a couple is just learning to live together, make compromises, forgive each other for imperfections. The union is still not strong and reliable. In addition, full of romance and novelty dates have already been left behind, the storm of post-marriage emotions has long subsided. Life gradually enters the mainstream of everyday life. Chintz - the material is very simple, everyday. It is easily torn with strong and sudden movement. So, it is this fabric that best suits the significant date.

Thinking what to give for 1 year of wedding, consider the following options from calico (or any other light material):

  • linens;
  • a set of handkerchiefs, tablecloths and table napkins;
  • beautiful pillow cushions;
  • curtains;
  • a shirt for him, a dress / nightgown for her.

Useful things in everyday life

The young family, for sure, has not yet acquired all the necessary things for a comfortable and pleasant life, and therefore you have a good opportunity to help them with this. So, you can always give:

  • Technique. For example, a coffee maker, combine or blender, multicooker, aerogrill, toaster or waffle iron, air humidifier, home phone with voice mail, speaker system.
  • Cutlery (better if it is a set). These can be glasses and glasses, plates, knives and forks, pots and pans, baking molds. You can also give a few festive dishes (for fruit / hot / desserts), a stylish tray, candy vases for salads.
  • Towels for bathroom and kitchen.
  • A set of bath accessories is a beautiful dispenser for liquid soap / soap dish, towel holders and a glass for toothbrushes. Products from ceramics, glass, steel will look very good.

Products for decoration

If you know well the taste of a husband and wife, then why not present some beautiful thing to decorate their home:

  • flower vase, plant pots;
  • paintings;
  • a mirror in a respectable frame of wrought metal or carved wooden baguette;
  • floor lamp or a pair of non-trivial table lamps;
  • pieces of furniture. For example, a pair of ottomans, a stool, a coffee table, armchairs;
  • carpet or runners;
  • figurines;
  • nice designer stuff. For example, candlesticks, photo frames, baskets for storing different things, caskets and chests (vintage suitcases are also very relevant), key cases;
  • aquarium;
  • sets for a desk.

Gifts with humor

In the shops of jokes you can buy something for the young family, albeit not very useful, but witty, funny:

  • Bell "Ready for sex" or "I want to kiss."
  • Megaphone "I love you" or "Wash the dishes!".
  • T-shirts with inscriptions like "My husband has the best wife in the world" or "The body is protected by her husband."
  • Large blanket with sleeves for two.
  • Darts strip / wish.

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