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15 Profound Sayings of Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam - the greatest Persian poet, philosopher and mathematician.His eastern wisdom is printed in books and passed from mouth to mouth through generations. The foursomes of this sage speak the truth, contain the bitter truth, a little humor and a drop of insolence. Omar Khayyam was able to write something that is not possible to express with words. Read these profound sayings, perhaps in them you will find answers to your questions.

About life and person:
One will not understand what roses smell like. Another of the bitter herbs will extract honey. Give someone a trifle, remember forever. You will give life to someone, but he will not understand.

The lower man soul, the higher nose up. His nose stretches to where his soul has not grown.

Who is life a bit, he will achieve more. A pud of salt eaten above appreciates honey. Who poured tears, he laughs sincere. Who died, he knows that he lives!

In one window looked two. One saw rain and mud. The other is green foliage, spring and blue sky.

We are the source of fun and grief mine. We are a repository of filth and a pure spring.Man, as if in a mirror, the world has many faces. He is insignificant and he is immensely great!

How often, in life, making mistakes, we lose those we cherish. Someone else like trying, sometimes we run from our neighbors. We exalt those who are not worthy of us, but betray the most faithful. Who loves us so much, we offend, and we await our apologies.

We will never get into this world forever; we will never meet with friends at the table. Catch the same every flying moment - do not be able to trap it never afterwards.

Do not envy the one who is strong and rich, sunset always comes after dawn.

With this life, short, equal to inhalation. Address, as with the given to you for rent.

About love:
Giving yourself is not selling. And next to bed - does not mean to sleep. Do not take revenge - does not mean all to forgive. Not to be near - does not mean not to love!

You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a lover, but you cannot seduce a man who has a beloved woman.

In order to live life wisely, one needs to know a little. Remember two important rules for starters: you better starve than you eat and be better than with anyone.

In a loved one, even disadvantages are liked, and in an unloved one, even dignity irritates.

O woe, woe to the heart, where there is no burning passion. Where there is no love torment, where there is no dream of happiness. A day without love is lost: dimmer and serey than this barren day, and there are no bad weather days.

The plucked flower should be presented, the poem started - written, and the beloved woman - happy, otherwise it would not be worthwhile to take up what you could not do.


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