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15 unbanal good deeds that will make everyone happier

We are sure that you didn’t guess about many ways to improve your mood for yourself and other people!

Do you want everyone around to smile and be happy? Begin with yourself!

We offer a plan on how to make a regular weekday one, or maybe two percent more beautiful. And believe me, this is already a lot.

1. Plant flowers near the house

Even if you live in a residential high-rise building, nothing can prevent you from planting bright irises, asters or pansies at the entrance. This lesson will take a maximum of 15 minutes, and the benefits of it will be endless. Just imagine what a pleasant surprise your flowers will be for neighbors and passersby ...

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2. Present a fruit basket to a lonely grandmother.

It is not necessary to give gifts on holidays. Do this for a lonely grandmother living next door or not far from you, just like that. But from the heart. You can be sure, she will thank you every day!

3. Write a letter by hand and send it to a relative who lives in another country.

Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp are great. But a handwritten letter on beautiful paper or a card is no doubt even better. And all because it can be put in a visible place and stored forever.

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4. Smile to every passerby.

In Europe and in any sunny countries, smiling passersby is a common story. We in Russia are not used to this. It's a pity. It is time to correct the custom and do, as is sung in the famous children's song, the day is brighter.

5. Carry an extra umbrella in the car in order to donate it to a passer in case of rain.

And who knows, maybe the person to whom you donate an umbrella and thus, possibly, save from a cold, later becomes your best friend?

6. Buy food for homeless cats and dogs

Unfortunately, we can not shelter all the homeless animals, but feed every stray dog ​​or cat. We must take care of our smaller brothers!

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7. Write letters of thanks to those who raised you.

Sometimes it is difficult to describe in words the love we have for parents or teachers ... But then it is much easier to describe them in an ordinary letter. And do not be shy in expressions.

8. Buy a bouquet of flowers and present it to a passerby who looks sad.

It costs you nothing to buy a modest bouquet of flowers or at least one rose. A person who receives such a gift on the street or in public transport will be pleased. You see, he or she will smile!

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9. Start saving for Christmas gifts to those in need now.

In the holiday bustle, spending money on our loved ones and our loved ones, we forget about those who on this day may not receive gifts at all ... Or remember them at the last moment, when the salary card is nearing zero balance. To prevent this from happening, we advise you to save money on gifts for orphans, for example, now.

10. Buy balloons and distribute them to the children in the yard.

Children's joy is the most sincere in the world! And you can charge from it for a long time. Do not believe? Then follow our advice and check.

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11. Organize a celebration in a hospital or nursing home.

It is not as difficult as it seems. Just contact the volunteers (their phones are listed on all websites of charitable foundations) and offer your help. You will see, you will not refuse.


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