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20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Here are 20 vibrant sleeve tattoos for women, from Tattoo Easily: 

When it comes to the world of tattoos, one of the most common areas in the body where both men and women get tattooed is in their arms.

Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to see women with sleeve tattoos especially with how vibrant, artistic, and colorful tattoos have become. Since small tattoo pieces are already not uncommon to see in a lot of people, individuals have opted to go for bigger tattoo pieces that are more noticeable.

Depending on the length of the arm that is inked, sleeve tattoos for women and men can be categorized as either full sleeve, half sleeve, or quarter sleeve. Having the right tattoo design can make a woman feel better about herself, especially if she can relate herself with her tattoo design.

Given these, tattoos for women, whether they are placed in the whole length of the arm or someplace else, are a way of expressing herself.

Each tattoo can bear different meanings and only the person wearing it can truly say what her tattoo means for her.


Waves and flower petals have also become a common combination of tattoo elements for buoyant women and girls. This kind of tattoo shows that the woman remains poised even when faced with life’s good and bad times. It can be drawn with a dark background to make the most important elements stand out as in this tattoo.


Flowers, a clock, pearls and a compass are usually a tattoo combination that visually describes the woman as a beauty with confidence, brains and a sense of direction in life.

It shows that the person wearing it is focused and loves the finer things in life.


This tattoo features a bird that is ready to draw nectar from a flower. This brings out the woman’s hardworking personality. It shows that the woman or girl is smart enough to tend for herself independently. Such women are usually stylish and confident.


No single person can swear of having one particular personality. You can be tough and tender at the same time, which is represented so well in this tattoo that incorporates a beautiful woman’s portrait and a skull. The diamonds represent elegance and composure while the butterfly shows a successful fight for freedom.


If a woman wants to express her sunny and happy side, then a tattoo of sunflowers works ideally. For the best intricate details, this tattoo can be drawn on the whole arm or a large area of the arm. For women who prefer simplistic designs, the sunflower tattoos will be smaller. These tattoos can be black or colored.


This is yet another tattoo of a woman’s portrait. It shows tears flowing from her eyes, with colorful flowers right above her head. This can be interpreted as a woman who defies her painful moments by using her imaginative mind to come up with solid solutions. It can be drawn in any sizes or colors depending on the preferences of the woman.


Different flowers have different meanings attributed to them and they’re without a doubt, a great choice for a sleeve tattoo. This tattoo will festoon your arm with a bouquet of colorful flowers that are crowned by an artfully vibrant rose. The assortment of flowers is bound to do more than just catch an eye.


If you’re a badass bubblegum chewing, ass kicking kind of girl who’s suddenly experienced the warm complacency of love, then you’re going to love this tattoo. It is an eye catching portrayal of a angelic quote adorned by a bunch of equally lovely flowers. Even if you wouldn’t normally go for sleeve tattoos, you’re going to have second thoughts on seeing this one.


Who doesn’t like a tattoo that starts from their shoulders and extends all the way down to their wrists adorning every inch along the way? The design is of an artistic yet rustic kind. If you’re the kind of person who would fancy such a tattoo, be sure to flaunt it in every which way possible.


Sometimes you just need to show off that hardcore rigid and rustic kind of beauty you’ve been hiding all along. The tattoo extends from the back of the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. The skull mingled with the flowers and the singing birds simply serves to cement the idea of a rustic beauty that is the first of its kind.


If you’re looking for simple yet exquisite sleeve tattoo ideas, then look no further. This tattoo is an eye catching and artistically extravagant portrayal of a flower. The striking colors that acquiesce each other are bound to make the tattoo stand out.


This bright and vibrant tattoo of an idyllic red-hued flower is impelled to make your forearm stand out from everything else. Roll up your sleeves and let everyone appreciate your artistic taste and rebellious appeal. Or better yet, go sleeveless!


Archaic, yet beloved, the white rose is a perfect example of a sleeve tattoos idea that undoubtedly perks up your entire arm. The design is that of a blooming rose in the company of a few buds in the background.


This sleeve tattoo design decorates the back of your arm with a clear cut, yet infused amalgamation of skull and flowers. The tattoo begins on your shoulder and extends all the way down to the middle of your forearm. This tattoo brings out the perfect balance between nice and nasty, just as you do.


Sometimes you don’t need to see a hundred different colors on your skin. Sometimes, all you need is an outline that captures the essence of the tattoo. Such sleeve tattoos for girls are quite hard to come across but they’re also quite impressive. This tattoo layout includes cheery roses drawn in black.


Another sleeve tattoo for women is this one which is depicted by a couple of beautiful sunflowers drawn on the inside of your forearms. The tattoo is in black and white but that doesn’t mean the tattoo isn’t going to catch anyone’s attention.


Who doesn’t like kitties? The tattoo spans across the inside of both your arm and forearm. The architecture of the tattoo centers on a blissful and calm but also intently focused cat. The cat is surrounded by a bouquet of flowers that only help to further bring out the beauty of this artwork.


The king of the jungle is without a doubt, the highlight of this tattoo. Tattoo ideas for women are incomplete without an art that involves or focuses on romanticism. The same is true of this tattoo. The sparsely colored flowers and birds depict the feminine nature of women while the lion symbolizes their power and inner strengths.


This colorful flowery tattoo covers the entire upper arm and extends up to the back of the shoulder. It’s architecture includes brilliant flowers with rose hued petals against a backdrop of leaves. It definitely focuses more on the feminine aspect of things and is best suited for a like-minded woman.


For those gals out there who simply cannot be satisfied with a tattoo on a single arm, this design is meant for you. The tattoo is in shades of black and white and its composition includes dreamy and divine drawing of flowers against a soulful backdrop.

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20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women
20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women images

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2019 year - 20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women pictures

20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women forecast
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20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women picture
20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women pictures

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20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women new pics

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pics 20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women

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Watch 20 Vibrant Sleeve Tattoos for Women video

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