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25 really cool inventions

Modern man has less time left for all sorts of trivia. We want more convenience, since everyone has a lot of work during the day. We offer you 25 cool inventions that will help solve everyday problems without losing time and effort!

1. The mattress on which you do not lay your hand

2. Easy pull out plug

3. Portable keyboard for smartphone

4. Soap dish, which drains the foam

5. Safe ground trampoline

6. Knife for Nutella

7. Covers for bed legs with sockets

8. Two in one - chopping board and scales

9. Bag for washing and drying shoes

10. Pocket flashlight

11. Brush for painting the corners

12. Pasta Casserole

13. Knife for toasting "lightsaber"

14. Pillow, in which everything is heard

15. A shower head that changes color depending on water temperature. 

16. Handbag for dogs

17. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard

18. Bank for beer "Slippers"

19. Bedside table that will allow you not to get out of bed

20. Pillows for relationships at a distance that glow when at least one of you is sleeping on one of them. 

21. Gel fridge

22Printed on a 3D printer, "odorless gypsum" with which you can itch!

23. Round dog shower

24. Chess from piles



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