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70s sex symbols: how the actresses have changed

Today we remember the sexiest female images in the movie. We present to your attention the top ten of the most unusual, bright and sexy female actresses, whose cinematographic images have entered the history of world cinema.

Carrie fisher

actresses of the 70s overseas review
Photo: frame from the movie / Getty

The only and irreplaceable performer of the role of Princess Leia Organa in the legendary Star Wars. The magical image made Carrie Fisher the idol of millions of men around the world. By the way, the actress was very worried that her heroine in all three episodes of the film epic was literally “wrapped” in shapeless and baggy clothes. Then the Star Wars director George Lucas went to meet Fisher and in the last part of the picture, in the scene where Leah is Jabba's prisoner, Carrie was as naked as possible.

This role for the actress was and remains the most epic and significant in the filmography. Now Fisher has moved away from the shootings and is engaged in modifying Hollywood screenplays.


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