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8 swimsuits for all occasions of vacation

Men are surprised that we can spend a few hours choosing a swimsuit, buy only one, and finally pack at least three in a suitcase, even if the holidays plan to last no more than a week. According to our logic, too much is needed from a swimsuit in the vacation mission: it must dry out quickly, emphasize the figure, and also correspond to the style of rest - to an active-sports or relaxed-tusovochnomu. We devoted this material entirely to swimsuits for various purposes, large and small, which we usually set ourselves on vacation, from long swims and records on the waves to a perfect tan without stripes and colorful pictures from the rest on Instagram.

Swimsuit for beach party trips

The main distinguishing feature of the fashionable swimsuit this season is the presence of lacing, and it is better also to have an open back. Such a spectacular and sexy thing after a short swim can be turned into party clothes, adding decorations and a cape.By the way, it is this model that the material does not reveal that it is a bathing suit, so at first glance it can be taken as a knitted body.

Swimsuit Zara

Zara swimsuit (2 799 rubles)

Swimming swimsuit

To be honest, a good swimsuit is the opposite of a good swimsuit for sunbathing, which is why girls in bikinis do not participate in swimming competitions. However, one-piece swimsuit does not mean “boring”, but definitely implies “comfortable”. In this model there is absolutely nothing superfluous - for swims on vacation and for going to the pool after arrival.

Mango swimsuit

Mango Swimsuit with V-Neck (2 999 rubles)

Swimsuit for yoga, volleyball or tennis on the beach

Active and restless on the beach, in the first place, it is important that the swimsuit is a "faithful" being and, on occasion, does not "escape" anywhere. It is logical that a closed sports swimsuit will meet these requirements, but if you don’t want to sacrifice your tan, you can find a model that fits tightly and fits well on the figure and doesn’t cover much of the body.

Monki Swimsuit

Monki swimsuit (3 640 rubles)

Swimsuit in order to wear it as a top

On vacation, the word "light" means even more than in ordinary life,- it's not just not to take anything superfluous with you, but the most real state of the soul, when nothing but the sea and the sun is needed. This swimsuit, it's a full-fledged beach top, especially for those lazy people who want to enjoy the rest, without thinking about changing clothes.

Bershka Bikini Top

The top part of the bikini Bershka (1 799 rub.)

Swimsuit for sunburn

As you know, the “no stripes” tan is the main sign of a productive holiday and the most valuable souvenir that most of us want to bring from vacation. And yet, in this business, you should not get too carried away and forget about the protective cream, and pick up the swimsuit the most that is neither miniature nor without extra details that can leave undesirable (and strange shapes!) Traces.

Swimsuit Topshop

Swimsuit Topshop (2 800 rub.)

Surf Swimsuit

And also on windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and all kinds of water sports that will be available near your vacation spot. In this case, a special swimsuit is not a fad, but a practical thing, because it allows you not to overcool quickly and protects you from the sun's intensification on the water.

Top seea

Top Seea (3,400 rubles. At a discount of 30%)

Swimsuit for selfie

Friends will tell you before leaving: "Spread lots of photos!" It was for this purpose that we found a photogenic swimsuit - funny, unusual and certainly not like everyone else.By the way, this brand also has an identical model with a print in the form of burgers, but we girls usually do not like to joke about the theme of fast food and the beach.

Swimsuit ModCloth

ModCloth swimsuit (1 900 rubles. At a discount of 30%)

Swimsuit for belfi

And finally, some bad advice. Belfie - derived from the English words butt ("ass") and selfie. In the case of a swimsuit with an unusual design that looks even more spectacular from the front than the front, you can dump everything on the swimsuit: no, you were not going to put sexy photos of your vacation photos on tape, you just wanted to show everyone your new swimsuit!


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