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9 ingenious ways to use old plastic bottles

Every day, people throw away millions of plastic bottles, and much of them do not reach recycling. Thousands of tons of plastic can either lie on the landfill (and even in the forest or on the beach!), Or benefit from their reuse. In the latter case, you do not have to buy other things, and the harm to nature will be somewhat minimized.

Use the old plastics in the garden or in the garden, and the load on the processing plants will decrease slightly. In addition, you can get a lot of handy tools that greatly facilitate the care of plants. You will save your time and money.

Use the bottle as a mini greenhouse

Saplings or delicate plants can be very vulnerable in the wind. Protect them by covering the top with a plastic bottle without a cap. Young shoots will be saved from the cold and bad weather, and water and sunlight will easily penetrate them.

Build a drip irrigation device

Ready-made electronic drip irrigation systems are very expensive. Replace it with a plastic bottle design, with holes drilled in the walls, and a hose. The bottle should be buried next to the root system of the plant. The neck should protrude above the surface of the soil, under a hose with water. The plant will take as much moisture as he needs.


Make a watering can from a bottle

Watering the garden need warm water. Instead of buying a finished watering can, you can drill holes in a plastic bottle. Fill the bottles in the morning and leave in the sun. By the evening the water will warm up, and you can do the watering of your beds.

Make a sprinkler

To ensure constant watering of the garden, you need to disperse a large flow of water from the hose. Take a clean bottle and make many small holes on one of its sides. Connect a water hose to the bottle. This design will ensure your garden uniform watering.

Device for the careful collection of fruit

Ripe apples and pears are not easily removed from the uppermost branches. If you shake a tree, most of the fruits will be broken, and they can not be saved for a long time. Another way is to put a ladder on a tree.But it is not very convenient, and quite tiring. Build a simple picker by cutting a hole in the side of the plastic bottle. It remains only to wind the bottle on the handle of the mop. Gather fruit easily!

Wasp Trap

Annoying guests can cause a lot of trouble. And if they have chosen your site, learn to defend. Put a trap out of the bottle, placing a little honey or sweet water in it. The top half of the bottle should be placed in the bottom, and the edges should be secured with a stapler. Especially well such a trap will work in the place where you have dinner. Wasps will easily make their way to honey, and not everyone will be able to get back.

Convenient scoop

You do not need to run for a shovel, if you are doing garden work. Sometimes you need a shovel without a long handle. Cut off the bottom and side of a large bottle (a canister of detergent is best suited). Be careful when cutting off excess. The edges of such a bottle are very hard, and cutting them is not easy.

Fill in empty bottles with pot space

To ensure good drainage, stones or peat are put on the bottom of the pot. This makes the container heavier and it is difficult to move the plants from place to place.Fill the extra space with closed bottles and you will get a light pot.

Suspended pots

Maybe for the house such a design would seem too simple, but for the garden would be just right! Cut the bottom of the bottles and fill the top with the cork with earth. Add any decor at your discretion. Plants with plants can be mounted on the fence. Any plants will look interesting with this design. Decorate the wall with garden flowers or greenery.

Remember that by following these tips, you not only make your garden better, but also prevent environmental pollution.


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