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A practical and beautiful way to cut the cake

Who doesn't love cakes? Napoleon, chocolate cake, delicate cheesecake, sponge cake ... A good housewife knows hundreds of recipes how to bake a delicious cake. But when it comes to cutting the cake, there are problems and questions about how to cut it. So imagine, you have already fed your guests with first and second courses and it is time for dessert. And you stand with a knife in perplexity and do not know where to begin. If this is a familiar picture for you, we present youeasiest way to cut a cake.

1. Take a bowl and put it directly on the cake. Do not be afraid, nothing criminal will happen to the cake.

2. Remove the bowl, and the cake will remain on the cake.

3. Remove the knife and cut it in a circle from the bowl.

4. Now cut a large circle of the cake into small pieces. A small circle can be put in the fridge until the next tea party, or cut into pieces if you have a lot of guests.

Bon Appetit!


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