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A ranking of the most banal songs.

Analysts of the audio service “Yandex.Music” listened to dozens of songs by Russian musicians of different genres, analyzed the texts and ranked the performers ... with the most banal tracks. The top ten groups included Serebro, “Time and Glass”, “Tatu”, A-dessa, “Fixiki”, “VIA Gra” and performers Sergey Lazarev, Andrey Gubin, Emin and Dan Balan. The repertoire of these performers most often repeated the words: “now”, “heart”, “only”, “life”, “simple”, “love”, “more”, “day”, “when”, “know”, “If”, “eyes”, “myself”, “you”, “be”, “will”, “was”, “again”, “need”, “your”, “you”, “mine”, “me "," As "and" so.

Also, following the analysis, a playlist of the most banal tracks was compiled:

  1. "Declaration of love", Alain Apina
  2. "I will not be yours", Ani Lorak
  3. “I'm not the one”, Zara
  4. “I do not hold you in my thoughts”, “Surganova and Orchestra”
  5. “You did not ask,” Angelika Varum
  6. “I'm not afraid”, Vika Grand
  7. “I am not a hero”, Andrei Kovalev
  8. "Blue eyes", "140 beats per minute"
  9. "I am not afraid", "Infinity"
  10. “I know”, Dima Kaminsky

And as a bonus, the Yandex.Music service offered its own version of the most banal song composed only of the most used words. You can try to sing:

My life

Before you was without love.

Where were you - I did not know, and

Simply no-no

All these days.

But now

Only my you, your eyes,

Your heart.


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