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Actors refuse to work with Woody Allen because of sexual harassment charges

Following the numerous accusations of actors, directors and producers in sexual harassment, Woody Allen came under the distribution. Moreover, he is not blamed for harassment by anyone, but by his own adopted daughter. It all started back in 2014, when 29-year-old Dylan Farrow published an emotional letter on The New York Times that her adoptive father was harassing her. Then Allen managed to hush up the scandal - the court never got to, because the police ordered a psychological examination, which concluded that Dylan was “an emotionally depressed child,” and her loud statements could be “inspired by a mother” (the relationship between the former spouses, Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow, after the divorce, really didn’t want to be friendly, because Woody married another adopted daughter, 21-year-old Sun-Yi Previn, with whom he lives in a happy marriage for more than twenty years).But four years later, amid the scandal with Harvey Weinstein, Dylan decided to again pay attention to his statement, and this time listened to her words much more closely.


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