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Advise the master

I, as always, cannot without adventures. My husband went on a business trip, and we broke the lock in the front door. I could not even get inside, I had to go to sleep with my parents. Advise who you can contact for help repairing the castle in Khimki?
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So ask for help from your father or brother, if you have one. I do not have a husband, so I always go to my neighbor for this kind of help, for example, and I feed him for lunch. Not yet refused.
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The author, I think, if you cannot get home and wait for a husband from a business trip for a long time, then you need to look for a master. An inexperienced neighbor can help you open the lock so that you have to change the door later. And it is desirable that experts still check, perhaps there was an attempt to break in, then it is advisable to change the locks for burglar-proof ones. I advise you to look for a company that provides such services with good reviews, and it is desirable that they use high-quality products in their work, for example, Multlock firms from Israel.In Khimki for help replacing locks can contact for example here.
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How long have you changed your door? Perhaps she is still under warranty then you can apply for repair to the company that installed it. By the way, I, too, the first thing that came to mind was that the thieves tried to open the lock.

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