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After the divorce, Jolie refused to have sex. Totally!

42-lazy actress no longer feels the desire.

While some foreign journalists write that Jolie and Pitt are about to reunite and forgive each other all the wrongs, others talked to a person close to the star, and learned that men are no longer interested in Angelina. Totally. The actress deliberately refused sex and gave herself celibacy.

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A mysterious source told HollywoodLife that Jolie does not meet with anyone and since the break with Brad Pitt does not lead a sex life. The actress began to practice yoga, which she had previously disliked, and dive into the teaching of how to turn sexual energy into creative energy. Jolie is fascinated by this idea. She has completely closed the topic of sex for herself and no longer feels sexual as before. Now the star is concerned only with her children and the humanitarian missions in which she is engaged.

The public was surprised by the decision of the actress.Why did a young woman lose her intimacy?

The editors of Woman’s Day asked this question to sexologist Pavel Maev.

The actress began to practice yoga. She is fascinated by ideas that can transform sexual energy into creative

Expert opinion

“Refusal of sexual life after a divorce is not a common phenomenon in general terms, but rather a manifestation of a mental illness in this case,” said sexologist Pavel Mayev. - Angelina's mental problems were still in her teens, we are talking about her suicidal tendencies, because she was cutting her veins. It was necessary to apply to a specialist even then! The current divorce for her is the third in a row, so it’s not worth considering that it is the cause of the actress’s celibacy. Her choice can be directly related to the state of health. Jolie removed the chest and later the ovaries, and as a result the hormonal background was disturbed. In this state, she may simply not feel any desire.

If you look at this problem without reference to Jolie, and it’s not worth talking about any other woman who made such a decision. A woman will fall in love - and everything will pass. ”

Recall that breast cancer caused the death of several relatives of Jolie, including her mother. The actress decided to check whether she has a predisposition to this disease. Unfortunately, doctors found a BRCA1 mutation in Jolie and concluded that the risk of developing breast cancer is 87%, and ovarian cancer 50%. In April 2013, the star removed the breast and placed the implants. And in March 2015, Angelina removed her ovaries. A year later, she stated that she had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. It is likely that all these events are related.


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