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After us: 6 things that will be thrown out as soon as you are gone

We do not think that your grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) will want to sort out old newspapers or wipe the dust from the dolls collection.

However sad it may sound, alas, often things are sent after their masters. I have a girlfriend. Fully secured adult lady. Without a husband, as often happens, but with two very mobile children. A couple of years ago, she lost her mother, she had long struggled with cancer, but eventually lost the battle, and her friend decided that after a while she could already cross the threshold of her house. In addition, due to some financial difficulties, she urgently needed to vacate her home, so with two children in her arms, she was only welcome in an apartment inherited from her mother. When the first wave of joy subsided, a friend appreciated the scale of the disaster. She had to spend more than one month to bring the apartment into a residential view and get rid of all the rubbish that had been there for years.No, my girlfriend is not at all insensitive, and she felt guilty whenever another thing went to a landfill. “You have to understand, I have two children, we need space! And these things are choking me. Perhaps mom thought she was doing a good deed, collecting all this rubbish, but only added work to me, ”she sighed. Inspired by this story, we decided to collect a few recommendations that we hope will help you get rid of unnecessary things in advance. So that your grandchildren (or children) would not have to drag it all to the dump later.

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Pseudo-antique furniture

Of course, a chest of drawers or a sofa made in the 17th — 18th centuries will decorate any apartment and will be a profitable acquisition. But often the older generation keeps the old furniture, thinking that this or that object will become desirable and in case of anything, you can ask for a good price. However, interior designers are in a hurry to disappoint all lovers of this "antiquary". They argue that, for example, heavy carved furniture is a slow-moving item. Very rarely, people want to get something similar for themselves. Many follow fashion trends and do not want to force an apartment with large massive objects.


Most people are confident that the more items they collect in their collections, the more valuable they will be. Experts claim that this is not the case. And pay attention that, for example, a pair of good coins purchased 45 years ago will be a much more profitable investment, that a lot of coins purchased in different years. About the collection of posters, porcelain figurines, tea bags and similar "values", we think there is no need to mention. Just remember that the things that matter to you may be completely unnecessary for your family.


Once silver was taken at every corner, and quite good sums were given for it. Alas, now everything has changed and it will be impossible to get anything worthwhile for silver spoons / cups / salt shakers. Besides, taking care of him is troublesome and expensive to store. Especially if it is of poor quality and performance.

Chinese attributes

Whether it is Chinese porcelain or other elements of decor, designers claim that not all of these things really have a price. Therefore, Chinese trinkets among the first risk to be at the dump.


Experts claim that the time of the dolls has passed.The younger generation is less interested in Barbie, they are interested in digital technology. Therefore, the cost of a collection of similar baby dolls and other pupae will not be so high.

Oriental carpets

Alas, this element has also become obsolete. No one says that a high-quality product will cost a penny, but they are purchased by units. And more modern people like ornaments and colors will not like them. Designers claim that lately neutral colors and geometric prints remain at the peak of popularity, so the eastern attributes have very few chances to pass on to someone by inheritance.

4 ways to sort valuable trash stuff

1. Buy less. Think about the fact that you lived for many years without this new knickknack. So why buy it now?

2. Periodically check the accumulated trash and throw out things that you do not use. No need to store for later, your children will still throw everything away when the time comes. So why wait for this moment?

3. Remember yourself. Do you often use the things you got from your parents? Or you tried to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

4.Think about what kind of life your children (or grandchildren) lead. Will they need your collections that you have collected over the years? Would they want to take it and keep it? And if the answer is obvious, then decide what to do with things that are valuable only for you.

December 3, 2017Svetlana Ivanova

And there are such that not only the dolls, but the mothers themselves are thrown out. In nursing homes.

a guest04.12.17 10:31

Everyone has their own truth. Live your mind more often, and take note of everything else.

It seems that the author will advise old parents to crawl to the cemetery and kill themselves a little more in clear text so as not to interfere with the young heirs' life.

a guest04.12.17 07:25

That's it, I had the same thought was born in the process of reading. "Beautiful" recommendations ... Sorry that we are still alive and love our things, which remind us of happy and pleasant moments ...

a guest04.12.17 07:32

For things you can not be attached, it is already gathering))

a guest04.12.17 06:44

Live for yourself. Think of life. Who should be thrown out.

a guest04.12.17 07:19

What difference does it make to my children and grandchildren? I will not care what happens to the things that I will leave after death.And while I live, the things that surround me carry some meaning for me. So why should I refuse them? I don’t want to keep only personal letters and photographs.

a guest04.12.17 07:55
a guest04.12.17 09:04

And I agree with the author! Do not look for hidden meaning where there is none! And do not collect any nonsense, supposedly useful for the future. Not useful !!!

a guest04.12.17 15:23

that you are all Tipo ... type, so spelled correctly, the computer even Tipo emphasizes the wrong spelling.

a guest04.12.17 15:45

And if it is useful?

Agree with you. There are hysterical comments here, as if they were already being laid in a grave. I understood this article exactly as you did.

a guest04.12.17 09:42
a guest04.12.17 10:10

Funny, but I read in this article about something else. Namely, about the attitude to things, money. That is worth thinking before you buy a useless thing. for example, another statuette? She is beautiful, sweet, charming, but why is she needed? She collects dust, takes up space and, as a result, removes her into a cabinet for the sake of a new statuette. And it would be worthwhile to throw it out ... Or it is better to spend the money put aside from a thousand of non-purchased trash for something more useful, for someone it will be a journey or new clothes. But then again, why a hundred blouses? If there are already a thousand of them, because this is rubbish, as they say, we will not even wear it. This is also an article about not being afraid to throw things out.Not to be Plyushkins and not to accumulate thousands of unnecessary things in your closets, but to get rid of them so as not to litter the living space. What is the meaning of the house? In order to protect your space, so why clutter up this space? Doing so that things would force a person out of his own space.

We were a consumer society. We consumed and consumed, but now there is a new trend, such as minimalism and eco-society. The idea of ​​minimalism and eco-society captures more and more minds as the idea of ​​consumption once captured. The idea of ​​consumption was a lot of advantages, if anyone forgot. We consume more, produce more and accumulate and accumulate benefits. But where did it lead ?! To ecological disaster. Therefore, we are changing as a society. And choose a new path. Yes, it says here that will remain after death? So what do we want to leave? Will our children and grandchildren spend the whole day on throwing out our trash or will we leave them something valuable? An account at the bank, on savings, or the idea of ​​life that will help them live in the society of tomorrow? Maybe we will leave joint memories and instead of cleaning 1000 figurines from dust, this time will be spent on a walk in the park with family, friends?

a guest04.12.17 10:21

Such nonsense. For the sake of interest, google the cost, for example, the same Barbie real ones. In general, collectors don’t think whether the great-grandchildren will keep it or not. They just collect what they like.

a guest04.12.17 12:13

There was a time of saving up and money. Insurance for 5-10 hundreds. Good money for those times ... Somewhere I have a passbook with five hundred rubles for my graduation daughter lying around ...

Nothing can be foreseen if you are not from the Rockefeller family. Yes, and there are promashki- children squander all at once. But my mother died. For six months I did not touch anything from her room. And then I sorted through parts of what was left after her. Something was really thrown out right away, but something lay still half a year in the closet. And again a quiet sadness. Moved by what was my mother's .. And the part is still lying. Something like photo, letters, letters, and will remain for a long time. And something will go away. But it is a memory. And I would not have raised my hand during the life of my mother to start sorting. what to throw away, but for now let him lie down.

a guest08.12.17 21:53

my mother collected rubbish during her life. First things from three children. And in her old age her neighbors "good" gave, whose relatives died. She always had it so dirty. She lived alone in a two-room, cluttered apartment.How she breathed there. There has never been a place. I came, soap, threw it away. But everything came again. When she was undergoing another treatment in the hospital, I could clean the apartment normally. And with her it was impossible to throw out the trash! Upon arrival, she did not even think about these things and gathered again! I quietly pay. MOM is no longer there.

a guest04.12.17 12:45

The author absolutely does not understand the topic, I recommend at least a superficial look at the prices of old dolls, coins and even more so of the old porcelain figurines ..

a guest04.12.17 15:44

true is yours, Guest. Ignorance of the author is striking.


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