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6 ways to prevent nut unscrewing

6 ways to prevent unscrewing of the nut

Threaded connections are quite reliable and effective. They are considered one of the most common and cost-effective. However, under the influence of vibration, there is a possibility of their weakening. This can often be seen in the example of nuts, arbitrarily
Sanitary pruning of trees in autumn

Sanitary pruning of trees in the fall

At the end of the summer season, when the entire harvest of berries and fruits is gathered, and the ornamental plants have finished their flowering, experienced gardeners will certainly carry out planned sanitary pruning of trees and shrubs. The main purpose of this event is
15 useful life hacks with WD-40

15 useful life hacks with WD-40

The VD-40 tool was developed to protect parts from corrosion. It showed itself perfectly in all applications. At the same time, its manufacturers hide the composition of the manufacture, even giving up the patent. This does not prevent many craftsmen from
Repair the broken tongue of the connector

Repair broken connector lug

The plastic connector for connecting the Internet cable is a very fragile thing. Especially often when the cable is regularly connected to various devices, the locking tab of the connector breaks. Such a breakdown leads to the fact that the plug connection is not
Where to get free neodymium magnets
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Where can I get neodymium magnets for free

Surely every person is familiar with the magnet and its properties. The use of magnets is now quite widespread in various industries. Most of us have heard about neodymium magnets and their growing popularity. These are quite powerful magnets that include
Knife in the style of

Tan-to-style knife

Not so long ago, I gave the light how to make a handle for a knife from cold welding. Some "critics" asked - why sawdust? I answer; I used sawdust for a larger volume, as well as to reduce the weight of the handle, and to save cold welding.
Fitting the rosette yourself

Do-it-yourself mounting sockets

As a rule, the standard number of outlets that were originally installed in Soviet-style flats does not correspond to the needs of modern people. Today, a three-person family needs many times more outlets than
Spotlight for a workshop of rubbish

Trash Workshop Spotlight

Working with emery constantly lack of light. Garage light cover the body and there is a shadow on the workpiece. Originally used as a carrier, even used a headlamp flashlight.I decided to alleviate the problem and make constant lighting.
Hammer from a crutch

Crutch Hammer

To perform fine work in the form of engraving and embossing it is important to have a special tool, one of which is a small hammer. Its dimensions and low weight make it possible: to do fine work without fear of damaging other elements; work hard
Docking station for phone from scrap materials

Handicraft Docking Station

I don’t know how much a docking station for a smartphone costs in salons, I’ve never been interested in it, but in my opinion it’s easier to make such a device myself! After all, in fact, this is an ordinary stand, so that the phone does not roll anywhere, and not
Self-made extractor for screwing out a broken screw

Independent production of an extractor for twisting a broken screw

If you had to twist the small screws into hardwood, then most likely you have already encountered their breakage at the most inopportune moment. As a result (for example, when installing a piano loop), there is a double problem:
Spinner plexiglass stalker with his own hands

Do-it-yourself plexiglass stalker

Spinner is an interesting thing for children, although, to be honest, I don’t understand what the interest is ... as well as all the older generation. But recently, having looked at this thing in the case, I thought, why not do this myself? For fun, I can, or
Unusual use of WD-40

Unusual WD-40 Usage

WD-40 is a solvent with the addition of mineral oil. The product has a low viscosity, which allows it to be used as an aerosol and penetrate into any, even the smallest holes, cavities or cracks. Popularity WD-40
Magnetic corner for welding

Magnetic welding corner

During welding, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously tack the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work you need two people or a special tool. Most often used
Installing the interior door with your own hands

Do-it-yourself installation of an interior door

To replace or install the interior door, it is not necessary to seek the help of a specialist, since, possessing even basic building skills and abilities to use the tool, you will be able to do this work yourself. For
How to eliminate gaps between chimney and slate
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How to eliminate gaps between the chimney and slate

Surely, many homeowners with stove heating,faced with such a problem as rainwater leakage through the outer walls of the brick pipe, through the roof and attic, to the ceiling of the house. Especially with heavy rain. How tightly do not fit the sheets
Fried in breadcrumbs cheese

Cheese Roasted

This dish will require exactly smoked cheese. Due to its structure, it will not spread in the frying pan, it will not lose shape and will give the dish a light smoked flavor. If you make cheese sticks from hard varieties, then when breading it will be necessary
Ultrasonic Fog Generator

Ultrasonic Fog Generator

I do not argue, you can buy a ready-made ultrasonic humidifier would be faster, but I have so developed on the parts that it came out by itself. In the article I will show how and from what I did it, and in the end, I will tell how I would do it now, based on
Thermoshrinkable bundles from plastic bottles
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Plastic bottle shrink sleeves

I had an idea how to make shrinkable clamps that could be used for various economic purposes. The idea is based on the ability of PET plastic to compress when exposed to hot air. Experienced I came up with three types
Reliable adhesive for slate with your own hands

Durable DIY Slate Adhesive

Slate - the material for covering the roofs is quite good and practical. And relatively inexpensive, in comparison with other, more modern and stylish coatings. But he has one good minus; it is painfully fragile. Especially after some
Plasterboard installation to the wall with your own hands

Do-it-yourself drywall installation

One of the most common alignment options for walls is the installation of drywall. Many masters use this construction material, because it's easy to work with, and quickly. Whatever curved walls, with the help of sheets of drywall they are easy
Powerful Blower DIY
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Powerful do-it-yourself blower

A very powerful blower that injects good air flow, which can easily blow out any dust from the computer system unit. This high power is achieved by the optimal design of the installation, the use of powerful and high-speed
Bracket for a car fire extinguisher with your own hands

Bracket for car fire extinguisher with own hands

According to traffic regulations, a fire extinguisher should be in every car. The following regulation: “The Code of Rules SP 9.13130.2009” determines the volume of this device (for passenger cars 2 liters) and the type (powder or carbon dioxide).

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