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Analysis of the poem "Conversation on the Odessa raid of landing ships ..." V.V. Mayakovsky

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Carol scott
Carol scott
Answered on April 12, 14:53
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Answered on July 16, 2016 16:41
Feather clouds sunset open! Get down southern night oppression! Couple steamers says on the raid: then one blinks, and then another blinks. What are the honking? I'm straining wrinkles of the forehead. Red time ... fade away and green ... May be, love affair May be, jealous pissed off. Maybe asks: - "Red Abkhazia"! He speaks "Soviet Dagestan". I'm tired, one climbing the sea Come here and stand next to.- But in response insidious she is: - somehow one live and bask. I Now mast in love in gray "Comintern", three-pipe cruiser. - You all, women, wagtails and channels ... What is she cruiser to dilda and packun? Whined and again signaled: - anyone send a snuff! .. It's boring here, not good and wet. Here boredom dampen and armor ... - The world slumbers, on the Black Sea District blue tears by sea dropping.

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