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And if the husband miser

Doesn't care
I love you
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Answered on May 6, 2016 08:49
And different causes of miser can be. Here are a few popular ones: 1. He is selfish. He wants everything for himself, he is used to taking and not giving, including money. He does not know how and does not want to share. 2. He does not love you. 3. He thinks you only want to use it for money. 4. He is offended or angry with you for something, so he takes revenge by his type of misery. 5. He loves money. So much so that he does not want to share them with anyone at all. 6. He is very careful about money, does not want to spend it on all sorts of "nonsense", with which he considers your expenses, therefore he does not give money to them. 7. For him, love is manifested differently: in words, care for the household, sex, etc. He does not consider it necessary to express his love with money, does not want or does not understand it. 8. You do not give him anything in return, as he may think, or do not give enough or do not give what he wants in a relationship, therefore he does not give you money. 9.

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