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Antonio Banderas explained why he will not marry a third time

Antonio Banderas spent in marriage with his second wife, actress Melanie Griffith, 18 long and happy years. Despite the fact that in his life now another woman reigns - the beautiful blonde Nicole Kimpel, Banderas is not going to bind herself with oaths for the third time, and the other day he explained why.

“You see, a wedding is expensive,” the actor noted with irony. - You pay to get married, and to get out of it, you pay even more ... I already feel like a married man, and I like that Nicole is not an actress. I was married to two actresses. Everything, of course, was wonderful, only artists are nervous people, it’s not always easy for them to live together. With Nicole everything is different: she is restrained, does not like increased attention. She brought stability to my life. Such a person, in my opinion, is needed by an actor. ”


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