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Apartment redevelopment

We have a studio apartment, its area is almost 55 sq.m. We will soon have a child, and by this time we want to finish the repair. Husband wants to redevelop the apartment. Tell me, what documents and where you need to make out in St. Petersburg?
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Answered on January 30 01:28
And why redevelopment is necessary - it is rather troublesome and expensive. Make repairs with room zoning, and you will have enough space and at the same time will be beautiful and effective.
Answered on January 30 01:34
And in what sense is redevelopment? If you want to build a wall or vice versa, to combine the premises, then it is worth documenting it. If you want to divide the room itself, then walls are not necessary for this.
Answered on January 30 01:41
If you decide to redevelop, then document it is still worth it. If you sell an apartment, you may encounter some obstacles, and neighbors may complain. And also think about the children who will have this apartment.

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