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DIY application for March 8

We should have - a handbag, a basket with chicks, rainbow leaves. Each craft begins with an idea. First we think what we want to do and why. Then we select the material for handicrafts - it should be pleasant to both the child and the adult who deals with the child. If the material is liked by an adult, if he can transfer it to the children with whom he is engaged - the result will be amazing.

 Applicating on March 8 with your own hands

Applique on March 8 with your own hands

And how about making a pink handbag for a fashionable mother? It turns out to be very simple. We need pink and yellow thick paper, buttons, a small ribbon or a bow. Cut out the pink paper base of the bag and pen. Glue the yellow buckle and bow. Below we decorate the handbag with colored buttons. A gift for mom is ready!


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