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Are there dragons?

Ivan Kabanets
Ivan Kabanets
August 13, 2012
Are there dragons?

Dragons are living creatures from myths, legends and tales of all the peoples of the world. They are mostly described as huge flying snakes spewing flames. Of course, in the modern world flying (and even more so - fire-breathing) reptiles do not exist. However, it turns out that dragons are still present in the modern animal world.

Do dragons really exist?

The Komodo lizard is the largest lizard on the planet. Of course, although he is called the “Komodo dragon”, he is not a dragon in the full sense of the word. However, with a length of more than 10 feet and a weight of more than 280 pounds, this giant reptile, more than any other, deserves a similar name.

Komodo dragons are often called dinosaurs, the direct descendants of which, however, they are not. These are monitor lizards, relatives of iguanas and snakes. Komodo monitor lizards are dangerous carnivorous predators with sharks' flat serrata teeth, not typical for reptiles, and strong bent claws. Their saliva contains more than 50 deadly bacteria, and therefore their bite is fatal. Due to geographical isolation, these creatures have grown to enormous size.


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