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Attention - sheepskin coat for men!

Men's sheepskin coat - an element of outerwear. Buying a sheepskin coat is quite a serious step, which should be approached deliberately.Men's coats Moscowsold in numerous salons. Currently, the high price is not a confirmation of the high quality of the product. In this regard, it is worth knowing and taking into account several secrets that will help you choose a real quality thing.


First you need to determine the point of sale where you will purchase a sheepskin coat. As a rule, the choice falls on well-known brands, which for a long time have earned the attention of buyers. Having come to this store, you need to decide on the style of sheepskin coat. Here no advice will help, since the choice in each case is individual. After you have made your choice, you need to carry out several experiments that will help you make your choice and confirm the high quality of the product.


Carefully look at the appearance of the product, if the sheepskin coat is crumpled, then this indicates a poor quality of the product.Sheepskin coat from natural material quickly returns to its original form and is not exposed to fractures. Next, find a flat surface and put a sheepskin coat there, there should not be any bumps and protuberances on it. Spend your hand on the product, if there is a trace, then it indicates the high quality of the product and good dressing.


Try on a sheepskin coat on a thin sweater or a T-shirt. It should lie on the figure, otherwise select another product. Stand in front of the mirror and raise one hand, while the other shoulder should not be raised. Properly stitched sheepskin coat will not sag in front and bully in the back.


After that, carefully check all the seams. They must be smooth and not have elements of capture wool. Sutures under the sleeves and in the pockets should be double, which will extend the life of the product. The sheepskin coat should be heavy and have a simple cut, this indicates that thick leather was used when sewing it. If you hold in your hands a light sheepskin coat that has an elaborate cut, then this indicates that when sewing it was used thin skin that will not warm you in extreme cold and, accordingly, will last much less time.


Attention deserves the coat color.Look at the fur, if an uneven color is visible on it, then it means that after one dry cleaning the discrepancy in color will only increase. In order not to buy low-quality product that has undergone color, smell the sheepskin coat. If you are in the hands of a sheepskin coat, which emits a strong chemical smell, then it is better to refuse to purchase this product.


Thus, we can say that a men's sheepskin coat is a good thing that will protect you from severe frosts. However, in order not to be disappointed in the purchase made, you must be careful when choosing.


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