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Autumn Tree

Autumn is more beautiful than ever. And a very large number of handicrafts can be made from natural materials in the fall. Everything is suitable: seeds, nuts, leaves, chestnuts. An amazing and very realistic tree can be performed, for example, using dry autumn leaves. For this craft, any leaves, but painted in bright red or yellow colors will be especially good .
crafts autumn tree
You can collect the leaves near the house. The main thing - to choose clean and not spoiled. Then they should be put at home on a flat surface or put in a vase in the form of a bouquet. After a few days, the leaves will dry out without losing their bright colors. Handle them now need to very carefully. From the slightest effort, they can wrinkle and even completely collapse. And we will do this a bit later and over a capacious plate. Materials:
  • leaves from trees;
  • PVA glue;
  • A4 sheet;
  • pencil;
  • paints and a brush.
handicraft autumn tree
Order of work For this crafts, it is preferable to take the album sheet. He is denser and better serve as the basis for our tree. Outline in simple pencil, where there will be branches. Only those that are visible among the leaves of the tree.
 hand-made autumn tree
Decorate the branches with brown paint. Under the tree green paint draw grass. Remember that it will partially hide under the fallen leaves.
 handicraft autumn tree
Grind dry leaves with your fingers in a flat plate.
 crafts autumn tree
Back to the sheet of paper. The place where the leaves should be located, grease with white glue. Spaces are not allowed.
hand-made autumn tree
While the glue is dry, sprinkle this place abundantly with crumb of leaves. [/L_REPEAT]

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