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Awesome paintings by Alison Moritsugu

Interesting Art

The artistAlison Moritsuguin her amazing works tries to recreate as accurately as possible the natural beauty of the nature of those times. Using pieces of wood instead of canvases, she creates works of art that resemble not just pictures, but windows like the past, as if the trees themselves tell stories that were once written on their annual rings.

“From the most ancient times, all artists tried to depict the beauty of the surrounding world in its natural form,” saysAlison, “today photoshopped images of pristine forests and cleanest beaches invite us to relax in the lap of nature and want to convince that such pristine beauty will always exist, at all times. But we know what the reality is and what the environmental situation in the world is today. With my works, I want to emphasize the fragility of this beauty and draw attention to the attitude of man to the environment. "It should be noted that the artist creates all her works only on the basis of fallen trees that have already outlived their natural time.


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