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Rope basket for small things

Materials and tools:

  1. rope;
  2. colored thick threads (for embroidery);
  3. scissors, needle.

Step 1

Take the rope, make 2-3 turns - this will be the basis, sew the basis through the crosswise (see figure) and begin to sew the coils with each other in a chaotic manner. The base is ready.

Next, we continue to add turns, sewing each turn to the base. Repeat these steps until we get the basis of the desired diameter.

When the bottom is ready, the coils are laid on top of the base (walls), also continuing to sew each coil to the next one. You can also change the thread for threads of a different color. Repeat until we get the basket of the desired height. We cut the rope, fill the end inside and sew tightly.


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