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Ben Affleck can lose the role of Batman

This week, as we know, Jennifer Garner took Ben Affleck to the The Canyon rehabilitation clinic in Malibu and insisted that he take another course of treatment for alcohol dependence. The actor is returning to the rehab for the second time this year, and this may cost him his film career. To be more precise, Batman's role, which he is very proud of.

Studio Warner Bros. and previously thought about replacing the leading man because of his age (Ben is already 45 years old, and by the end of the trilogy there will be 55 - a considerable age compared to other superheroes), and now he is in a difficult position. The fact is that the amount of insurance of the new part about Batman every day that Ben spends in the clinic, is increasing and can eventually be equal to the budget of the film. The film company cannot remain at a loss, therefore, according to insiders, if the situation does not improve in the near future, it will be forced to begin an urgent search for a new actor for the main role.


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