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Biorevitalization injections. Who tried?

Hey. What do you think about the hyalurontic pricking scoring? How do you effect? How did the skin react? I dreamed to try these injections for a long time, but I stopped the price and that there was no beautician I could trust. And now I see that there are discounts on biorevitalization in frau clinics. And here I sit, I read about these ukolchiki. If you did not do this procedure, would you like to try?
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Maria Naumchik
Maria Naumchik
Answered on October 16, 2015 23:37
Mesotherapy did, but the procedure is better to do the course. I was given injections with a vitamin cocktail to lighten skin pigmentation, moisturizing. In Frau clinics strong cosmetology. But I think that even with the discount, the price will be about average in Moscow. But in any case, the procedure should be done only by a cosmetologist with higher honey. education, which has certificates for working with drugs.

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