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Books that are important for every woman to read.

It is necessary to remain well, very agile, hyper-attentive and Western-oriented person, in order to set directions for thousands of other people. In another way, alas, it no longer works. Fortunately, there are still such people in the world: in politics, fashion, economics - and they, it should be noted, do a good job so that those who need a list of unbroken sights, do not wander like blind kittens in the ocean of information a la “What to wear,” “where to rest,” “what kind of perfume is in the top,” “what the G7 countries have agreed on” and so on.

By the way, in modern literature you can still get lost. Here we must carefully and honestly understand and track. Read and throw away. To put on the shelf of the home library or forever branded as "beach reading". Publishers grow like mushrooms after rain. Every singer is now a writer. And to release a book does not cost anything except money and at least some thought that can be considered as an original idea.

Here, for example, literature for women.What kind of beast is this? Romantic novels, real stories, novels about the power of female love and forgiveness, motivating notes of American millionaire ?!

The right literature for women is an amazing window into the world of female nature. These are works that describe and help build female archetypes. Our creator of the data of Muses, Amazons, Mothers, Priestesses ... And the earlier you open at least one of these books, the sooner the joy of self-knowledge will hold you by the shoulders, like a loved one. This is literature in which you will find answers to many questions you are interested in: how to love and be loved, how to build your business empire, how to remain the best mother to your children, how to manage everything, what energy is and how to accumulate it and manage it. To date, I have formed my own personal top-3 of such books, which greatly shift priorities. Books that can be opened, then postponed, returned and read again, revealing information that is important right here and now. Books required reading.

Number one: Concordia Antarova fiction "Two Lives"

"Two Lives", Concordia Antharova

This is a guide to life, consisting of four parts, the science of the universe, a work that, once settled in your heart, will never leave it.These are “bright and deep images of Great Teachers, written out with great love ...” True, be prepared for what may “not go.” However pathetic it may sound, but before what Antarova writes about, you need to grow. This book is about God and the path to Him. So, having opened “Two Lives”, set yourself up for the fact that a novel can easily become a litmus test of your readiness for such a road.

Number two: Clarissa Pinkola Estes' book Running with the Wolves

Running with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The book, sensational in its time and bought because "everyone bought", but many people ended up scrolling hastily to the middle and left it misunderstood. In it, you will find information about such concepts as "Primordial Man" and "Primordial Woman", "archetypical", "instincts", "nature" and much more useful other. Opening each new chapter, you will wonder how many incarnations of one of your real women: “wild”, “ugly duckling”, “ambivalent mother”, “butterfly”, “witch”, “faded woman” and even “intermediate woman”. The work submitted in myths and legends is a reference book, one that should be at hand. In short, this is a book about a woman.After reading "Running with the Wolves", you will get to know yourself anew.

And of course, number three: Tia Alexander’s book, Year 2150

"Year 2150", Tia Alexander

This work fell into my hands when I passed a little over twenty. Delighted, read easily, was perceived as a fairy tale. And only today I can state with confidence that it is absolutely clear to me what this novel is about and what is the meaning of it. This is a work about love, about a fantastic future, about how exciting it will be if you manage to meet your other half or twin soul and learn how to convey your thoughts and feelings through telepathy. The macro-philosophical novel personally reminds me a lot of the anti-utopia novel of the Soviet writer Yevgeny Zamyatin “We”.

Get to know this really interesting literature, opening the door to a new world. This information is strongly out of the literary pattern and therefore has all the prerequisites to amaze you.


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