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Books that everyone should read

The question is like "Do you remember how Bulgakov? .." causes you a slight blush? Needless to be shy, catching up is never too late. Simply, there are books that every self-respecting person should read. Required to purchase and read!

"Iliad", "Odyssey"


Homer's Iliad, Homer's Odyssey — books that every educated person should read

Hollywood is facing a crisis of scenarios. As a result, a classic is increasingly under the gun. However, one should not think that watching movies will replace reading books, since the screen versions are not always accurate or close to the original. Ancient Greek narrator Homer also did not pass this fate, so we open two of his most famous poems and plunge into reading. Recall,Iliad"About the ten-year-old Trojan War, which began because of the" apple of discord ", with the help of which Paris had to choose the" fairest "of the three goddesses - Hera, Athena and Aphrodite (by the way, in the Hollywood film" Troy "about gods playing a crucial role in the poem, not a word!).

«Odyssey"But tells how the heroes, having wiped Troy off the face of the earth, return home. Particularly long and difficult way home was formed by King Odyssey. Ten years of wanderings!

"War and Peace"

L.N. Tolstoy

“War and Peace” by L. N. Tolstoy - a world-famous book, mandatory for reading (despite its size)

Not so long ago, a new mini-series based on the novel "War and Peace". If you have not yet looked, we advise you first to read the original, and everything from beginning to end, without choosing the scene of the ball and not turning over the pages with the battles. Forget that you were forced to read "this nudyatinu" in school - try to plunge into the novel and enjoy every line of this world bestseller.

"Crime and Punishment"

F. M. Dostoevsky

"Crime and Punishment" F. M. Dostoevsky also refers to the books that every self-respecting person should read

And again the book from the school program. But who has read and remembers the details of the plot? It is worth repeating the material covered and clarifying how and why Raskolnikov decided to commit a crime ... The directors like the Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel: the first film version dates back to 1911! There was a place for a masterpiece in animated films. For example, the attentive eye will notice that in "The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit: Haircut" under zero "" Gromit, once in prison, is immersed in reading "Crime and Punishment».

"The Canterbury Tales"

Jeffrey chaucer

“The Canterbury Tales” by Jeffrey Chaucer are not so popular in Russia

A collection of 22 poetic and two prosaic short stories. Pilgrims go to Canterbury Abbey to worship the relics of Thomas Becket (by the way, just in April!), Tell instructive stories based on their life experiences and observations. Specify (to increase interest) that the distribution of "Canterbury Tales"For some time it was banned in the USA!

"Eugene Onegin"

A.S. Pushkin

"Eugene Onegin" A.S. Pushkin is among the books that everyone should read

Do you have any associations with Pushkin? Yes, first of all, the famous phrase by Apollo Grigoriev “Pushkin - our everything” sounds. And in 1983, Sergei Dovlatov, after spending the summer in the Pushkin Mountains, wrote an autobiographical novel "Reserve", where this phrase thundered with a special meaning. In order not to stagger, but to form your own opinion, it is worth spending several hours to get acquainted with "Yevgeny Onegin". Perhaps you will like it and want to continue studying the classics?


James Joyce

"Ulysses" by James Joyce

Homer studied? It's time to try your hand at reading. "Ulysses". And let the first time fail to take this literary work by storm, you should not despair and give up trying. The focus is only one day of the modern Odyssey (Ulysses - the Latin form of the name Odysseus) - Leopold Bloom, but the length of many pages and events.For a deep immersion in the topic we recommend to allocate a little more than five hours to watch the performance of the same name in the theater “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop”.

"The Master and Margarita"

M. A. Bulgakov

"Master and Margarita" MA Bulgakov

It's hard to imagine that the novel "The Master and MargaritaMay be unfamiliar to someone. Around him and his adaptations there are so many stories, including mystical ones, that even a hater of reading should become curious ... However, you must agree, it's better to read it later than never. And the first scene, when the writer Berlioz and the poet of the novel Ivan Bezdomny met an alien from the Patriarch's ponds and a conversation about Jesus Christ is fastened, will immediately confirm that there are also familiar places in the text.

"A little prince"

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Read or not, the author's illustrations to "Little prince"You are familiar with: remember" drawing number one and number two ", on which the boa swallowed an elephant? However, fill in the gap and read the story of how the pilot had to make an emergency landing in the desert of the Sahara, where he unexpectedly met the prince from the asteroid B-612 ...

Again, those who want to expand the horizons of knowledge to the impossible, we suggest going to the Sovremennik Theater for a play-fantasy based on the play "Do not Leave Your Planet".In the main and in all other roles Konstantin Khabensky, who shared the stage with Yuri Bashmet and the chamber ensemble “Soloists of Russia”.


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