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Bow tie - a stylish accessory for men and women

A bow tie is an accessory made from timeless classics, it is unlikely that the time will ever come when it will no longer be talked about, and even more so, to experiment and work on the latest fashionable novelties with its help. It can be said that a bow tie is unique, because it is one of the few accessories that any person from completely different social classes can wear.

Not a single solemn event of aristocrats and the rich goes by without such a tie, at the same time, butchers, casino workers or employees of lawyers cantor wear a bow tie, because abroad is part of their uniform.

A gift for a stylish man

She can be worn by both a man and a woman, regardless of their age or business, and, having received an invitation to one of the social events, you can even find instructions about the color of the butterfly, which you need to wear at this time. This is, at first glance, a small but very important accessory, the choice of which can not be approached carelessly.

In the old days, the bow tie only remotely resembled modern prim and even daring specimens; they were, rather, closer to pompous and functional neck scarves, which, for the sake of beauty, were tied in the most unusual ways, the bow - was only one of them.

Over time, the collar entered into fashion, and with it skillfully tied shawls in the form of butterflies, so that the shirts of the shirt did not interfere on different sides. But the real birth and starting point of the beginning of world love and popularity for a bow tie was in 1904, when the premiere of the famous opera Madama Butterfly was held, each musician of which entered the stage in this accessory.

Initially, the butterfly was closer to the men, however, over time, it was applied in its image to the inimitable Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel, with this statement they shook the whole world, causing a new wave of popularity of such an accessory.

For those who like to stand out from the crowd

In the modern world, a bow tie is equally popular not only among those men and women who are obliged to wear them for secular receptions, but also among ordinary people who are not afraid to experiment on their daily routine.

A bow tie is easy enough to buy in any specialized store, where they are presented already pre-folded models and those that you need to tie yourself. The first ones are very convenient for those who do not use this accessory too often, you just need to fasten or unbutton a button on the tape.

The only disadvantage of such models is that it is almost impossible to adjust them to the width of one’s own neck and the shape of a shirt’s collar, and this is sometimes very important.

If you decide to settle such a pleasant and extravagant accessory for a long time in your wardrobe, then it is best to choose models that you need to tie yourself.

According to some experts of the fashion industry, only tying a butterfly with their own hands, you can give your personality image, adding unique and unique curls, your image will become a kind of carefree and easy aplomb, which should be achieved by using such an accessory. There are quite a number of ways to tie a bow tie, each of which can be used for a specific event or a specific situation.

How to choose for yourself?

The first rule that must be observed, both men and women, if you want to look unique and stylish: a butterfly should not distract attention from your face, it can emphasize your bright side, but no more.

If a man, wearing such an accessory, seeks to look in it as presentable as possible, then when buying a butterfly he should take into account two basic rules.

Gentlemen choose them

Firstly, the width of a men's tie should not extend beyond the edges of his face, and secondly, it should not exceed the width of a shirt collar, which in modern models can be easily adjusted using a special system. A women's bow tie should be half the size of a man’s tie, which will perfectly match a small shirt collar.

In fact, there are no, as such, strict rules that would oblige to wear a bow tie in one form or another. However, in the middle of the 20th century, two unspoken rules appeared, which are still being followed, especially in high secular circles. Under a black tuxedo and a white shirt, a black silk butterfly should be worn, and a white bow tie under a tailcoat and white shirt.

Perhaps, these are the only rules that should be followed, especially if you are going to attend a rather serious event, otherwise - complete freedom of choice and a field for experimentation, however, it is quite simple to step over the thin line between “style” and “bad taste”.

Buy or sew?

Of course, the simplest solution is to purchase the copy you like in any store or boutique where you will be offered a wide range of options and, perhaps, even advise what you can wear with this or that model.

Most often on the shelves of shops you can find models of glossy or matte silk, which ideally hold the shape of a butterfly and, most often, are used for special occasions. Also very common are models made of wool, cotton or mixed variants, as long as the fabric is thick enough to maintain the shape of the butterfly.

Girls love them too

It turns out that you can make a butterfly with your own hands, for this there are special patterns, following which, it is completely easy to sew your copy. To do this, you will need a regular tape of a certain width, which must be selected individually, depending on personal preferences and structural features of the face.

You can do even simpler: tie a regular bow tie, you have to practice it, of course, which can help you out in an emergency, when a butterfly is urgently needed, and only regular bow ties are available. By the way, the female version of the butterfly can be made from an ordinary scarf, which will be perfectly combined with the warm summer or spring season.

How to combine?

If you have never worn a bow tie before, then you will probably find it difficult to decide what can be combined with it in order not to look ridiculous. In general, there is a kind of set of "good manners", following which, you will never get into a mess.

Stylish accessory

For example, men's and women's ties with pictures should be worn with plain shirts and, conversely, shirts with prints, cells or abstractions are best combined with plain butterflies, the color of which should repeat one of the colors on your shirt, although the tone is better to choose a little lighter.

If you combine a dark shirt with a dark suit, the butterfly should stand out, but with a light shirt and a dark suit, it is better to choose a butterfly to match the tone of the jacket.

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