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Can I feed tomatoes?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
December 26, 2012
Can I feed tomatoes?

You are the future mother, and you are interested in the question whether you can nourish tomatoes. Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for the health of your baby, so it’s worth thinking about in advance.

Pediatricians unanimously tend to argue that tomatoes should not be eaten by nursing mothers. The reason is that this vegetable contains an aggressive red pigment (lycopene) that can cause an allergic reaction in your baby.

Beneficial features

But if you look at it from the back side, we will see that tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins, such as A, VZ, U, K, it even contains vitamin C, iron, zinc and potassium. Lycopene (a pigment that gives a tomato a red color) is a good antioxidant and a unique medicine that can protect a woman from cervical cancer. Tomato juice improves water-salt metabolism in the body, and can help with the normalization of lactation for feeding, at the request of the baby. Looking at all these pluses, it just doesn’t fit in my head how to abandon this product.

Tomatoes in the diet

It turns out that if the most nursing mothers tomatoes cause no allergies, then they, little by little, can gradually be included in the diet. It is worth considering some points:

  • Buy only seasonal vegetables. At other times of the year, foods are saturated with nitrates, which will certainly cause a rash in a baby.
  • Discard canned tomatoes. Vinegar contained in them will not bring any benefit to you or the child. You better suited pickles or fermented billet.
  • Monitor the amount. Once a day, eating a tomato or drinking tomato juice is normal. But, if this happens for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then the child, of course, will have colic.
  • Introduce a new vegetable into the menu of a nursing mother gradually, and in small portions. So, you not only carefully find out if there is an allergic reaction in the baby, but also make prophylaxis for it.


Eat tomatoes with fats, suitable vegetable and olive oil, mayonnaise and sour cream. Thus, nutrients are better absorbed and absorbed by the body. And, try not to drink tomato juice on an empty stomach.

We found out if a nursing mom can have tomatoes, gave arguments.You should weigh all the pros and cons, and make a decision for yourself.


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