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Can they fire?

Many of us faced the problem of dismissal, for example, after the first month of work (probation). Getting a job, you do not think about whether they can dismiss you. A person is often interested in having a permanent job. However, it does not always work the way we would like.

You can find a lot of reasons for dismissal. And if, nevertheless, if it was decided to dismiss one or another employee, you must first understand whether the employee can be dismissed and how this can be done. There are several options for dismissal: on their own, non-observance by the employee of labor discipline, an unsatisfactory result of certification, as well as a gross violation.

The most common and advantageous method of dismissal for both parties is the offer to leave at will (the employee himself writes a letter of resignation). In this case, you should explain to the dismissed the reasons why he cannot work for you. If the above arguments satisfy the employee, you should write good recommendations to him.In large companies, there is a premium system if the parties disagree peacefully.

Reasons for dismissal

Let's look at the most basic reasons for dismissal.

  • Violation of the rules and disciplines of the organization. Do not violate the charter of the company, and especially the law of your country. This problem is often the cause of dismissal.
  • Gossip and complaints about the work. It should be noted that employers do not like criticism of them, or of the company belonging to them. And even more so, it is unacceptable to spread rumors throughout the organization.
  • Sleep in the workplace. Comments, in principle, are superfluous. Nobody needs employees who like to relax instead of working. This is especially true of those types of professions that require attention and concentration from an employee. For example, taxi drivers, truckers, doctors. If one of them falls asleep in the course of work, in this case it is simply impossible to avoid a catastrophe.
  • Catching lies or theft. In this case, you can lose not only the workplace, but also to appear before the court. If you steal something from the workplace or from the property of a company, and then you cheat (if you have a video, for example) - this is fraught with serious consequences. Employers are people too, and people tend to respect honesty.
  • The appearance of the workplace drunk. When you drink alcohol, among other things, the productivity of work decreases, the unpleasant smell that emanates at the same time, spoils not only the image of the employee, but also the employer.
  • Harassment to colleagues. There is a lot of controversy around the topic of harassment in the workplace. Is it possible to dismiss an employee for such a trick? Can. The ban on such actions is often prescribed in the organization's charter. Working novels are strictly prohibited not only by the organizations themselves, but also extremely undesirable, in the opinion of most psychologists. There were cases when both perpetrators were dismissed for manifestations of any personal attention sign (touch or kiss), even if they were a married couple!
  • Absenteeism Frequent absences, with or without a reason, do not please employers. The authorities are counting on your product or service. In the case of absenteeism, you have to rebuild the entire, well-established mechanism for building the workflow.
  • Lack of truth in the summary. This can also be attributed to the reason for dismissal due to lies. But the difference is that you intentionally deceived initially.And this, in turn, will annoy anyone. Cheating is a bad thing. A planned lie is doubly worse.
  • Personal problems. Personal life should take place outside of work. Any of its manifestations or consequences in the work process adversely affect productivity. You can scare away a client or employee with your frustrated or angry look.
  • Use of the Internet for personal purposes. It would seem that there is no crime in this. But instead of working, the employee is busy with entertainment. This is extremely unacceptable.
  • Low labor results. Do not cope with the work - go. Any organization is looking for qualified personnel.
  • Discussion of the authorities, work schedule or enterprise in social networks. It's no secret how popular the Network is in the modern world. Even those who by their nature are not too talkative can be quite chatty when communicating on the Internet. Do not forget that excessive talkativeness can lead to leakage of information that will be on the hands of your employer's competitors.

Probably, every second person has gotten up inside himself over the problem - can they fire me in case of violation of the organization�s charter? Of course they can. Serious companies are very responsible for the implementation of its charter.Therefore, if you do not like to work on someone else�s orders, for example, engage in freelancing. In this case, you set the rules yourself.

Dismissing a pregnant woman

Unfortunately, quite often a pregnant woman is faced with the prospect of losing a job and, therefore, is deprived of certain compensation and seniority. And not every employer undertakes to adhere to the law, with respect to the woman in the position. Previously, a pregnant woman could be fired extremely quickly. But, women have learned to fight for their rights and with firm confidence to defend them.

An employer may terminate an employment contract with a woman in a position only if the company is dissolved. If a labor contract of a woman in a position expires precisely during the period of pregnancy, in this case you need to submit an application asking to renew this contract.

Dismissal of a disabled person

Employment and dismissal of people with disabilities often gives rise to a conflict of interest, especially for people who have been injured during work. Do they have the right to dismiss a disabled person if they become disabled in the workplace?

Regardless of the fact that resulted in disability, it can not be an obstacle to dismissal. An employee who is not employed due to temporary / permanent disability may be dismissed after a certain time, in accordance with the law. A person who has received an occupational disease or work injury at the workplace cannot be dismissed until he is identified as disabled. After this procedure, the employee may be dismissed from work on a general basis, which provides for labor legislation.

If you belong to the category of people who have a permanent, well-paid job, we can say that you are very lucky. However, luck is a fragile thing, so you need to adhere to the established rules in order to retain the workplace.


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