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Many people even now are attracted by the incredible birthplace of the ancient era - Greece. Greece is one of the most visited European countries, and also not only the center of Christianity, but also the tourist and resort center of Europe. Greece is unique in that it concentrates an incredible number of different attractions, inspection of which will take people for about ten years. All cities and islands located in the country have their uniqueness in that they have their own event history, their myths.

Car rental in Greece

Greece is famous for its picturesque landscapes, clean sea beaches, unique national cuisine and, of course, various wines. Therefore, such a large number of attractions implies the need to rent a car. Renting a car makes it possible to save time and visit many more interesting places.

List of documents required for rent:

- the rights are necessary of the international standard, category "B";

- the availability of paper (voucher), which confirms your stay in the hotel;

- 100 euros as a pledge and money for basic expenses;

- the presence of health insurance (although it is not always asked, but it is better to be safe).

Upon arrival at the airport, you can immediately pick up the car and go on a so-called car trip. But it’s a lot of time to save a car’s help on a specialized website, such as bookingcar.eu, where you can see only quality cars from proven Greek companies.

advantages of bookingcar.eu:

- Profitable. You can pre-order a car at low prices.

- Availability of the Russian language on the resource.

- The service is easy to use.

- You can plan your vacation much earlier. Having developed a route for visiting attractions, you can pick up a car, right at the airport.

- A rented car can be returned in another city or in another country.

- Ability to book cars of various classes.

Price for car rental:

- If you decide to rest not too long, it will be perfect: Hyundai, Renault Clio. The price is only from 12 to 70 euros.

- For long vacations, you can rent a sedan or a minibus.From 70 to 100 euros.

So, as specialized sites for car rental save money and make it easier, the question is: “How exactly to order a rental?”. On an example site bookingcar.eu we will try to understand.

Car rental in Greece

Stages of work:

You need to go to the site and select the country of Greece.

On the page at the top, the “Car rental in Greece” field will highlight, where you can safely, fill in the place of receiving the car, start and end date, age and time.

Click "Car Search" and observe how the rental broker gives us the most suitable car models.


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