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Lace and suspender choker in 10 minutes

Such a choker of delicate lace will be a great accessory for a schoolgirl. He is sweet, not vulgar. The very lace is very similar to that used for sewing a school uniform. But! It is fine to wear and to a sports suit, and to a dress. A teenage girl can very well assemble this herself. The materials for creating the choker are as follows:
Choker of lace and pendants in 10 minutes
  • - lace about 10 mm thick (the length of the lace segment should be 1 cm less than the neck circumference of the girl);
  • - pendant;
  • - lock of twisting halves;
  • - needle;
  • - thread in lace color.
Choker from lace and suspension for 10 minutes
A hand-made choker is made for a girl this way. 1. We wrap the edge of the lace on both sides, form a triangle from the end. We fix the bends with a thread. 2. Sew a ring from the half of the castle. 3. Repeating the edge of the lace on the other side.
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