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Choosing a credit card

Now I have two credit cards from Privatbank: universal and for payments, but I want to make another one. Please tell us which card you use and describe its advantages and disadvantages, it will help me with the choice.
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Answered on January 9 00:29
I used to use only Privatbank cards too, since the salary is transferred to it. But then an acquaintance told me about all the advantages of the Maximum card from Alfa Bank and I quickly decided to issue it. It is perfect for performing all the operations I need, so I am very pleased with what I did myself.
Answered on January 9 01:45
I use, like you, a universal card from Privatbank and very pleased. Of course, of the minuses, this is of course interest for cash withdrawals at an ATM, but 1% is not very much, especially in stores with a card you can pay without a fee. But in general, in Privat, I like the Privat24 system most of all, which has no analogue.
Answered on January 9 03:05
I can only tell you that there is simply no ideal credit card, and any card, regardless of the bank, has a number of drawbacks and disadvantages. If you want to get the most benefits, then you need to have different cards for different ongoing operations, and this is very inconvenient.

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