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"Christopher Robin" and 5 more cool films of the week

Elizabeth Sloane is a skilled manipulator and master to calculate moves. Her job is to match her skills: Sloan is one of America’s most professional lobbyists. The undercover political games and all the underwear of the White House, the corruption and dirty ways of lobbying ... In this space, Elizabeth Sloan is a star, smart and uncompromising.

Director John Madden after two films about the wonderful British old men living in the hotel "Merigold", made a dynamic conversational film. They say that when I saw the script, I didn’t represent anyone on the site of the main character, except Jessica Chastain, with whom I had already worked in Payback. Jessica did not disappoint: The terminator in the skirt of Elizabeth Sloan is clearly one of the best roles of the actress.

"Hot summer nights"

Uneven, but charming film about vacation love and crime.

Producer:Elijah Bynum

Cast:Timothy Shalame, Mike Monroe, Alex Rowe, Emory Cohen

Timothy Shalame, who became a star after the release of the film “Call me by your name”, again plays for the first time in love, this time not with a guy, but with a girl.
Daniel comes to spend the summer on the Cape Cod peninsula and feels odd and lonely. He makes acquaintance with the local grass merchant Hunter and famously fits into his small drug business. At the same time, Daniel falls in love with a cool girl who turns out to be Hunter's sister. This summer, when Daniel does a lot for the first time, from the first kiss to the first violation of the law, becomes for him a period of the brightest emotional takeoff. This, which is then remembered all my life.

“Judgment night. Start"

Horror about the very first Judgment night.

Producer:Gerard McMurray

Cast:Marisa Tomei, I’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Patrick Darro

Each new film of the franchise “Judgment Night” cools the blood somehow in a new way.

The only night of the year when the most bloodthirsty atrocities are officially allowed, maniacs and murderers go hunting. Ordinary citizens need only to close in their homes equipped with a security system. Or not close, this is how it will turn out. “Judgment night.The Beginning ”talks about how this cruel social experiment was born, allowing you to throw out aggression only once a year, but how!

Christopher Robin

Fabulous cinema about the fact that the old friendship does not rust, even (especially) if the friend is a toy bear.

Producer:Marc Forster

Cast:Ewan MacGregor, Hayley Atwell, Bronte Carmichael, Mark Gatiss, Oliver Ford Davis

The film resembles Spielberg's “Captain Hook”: the hero, tortured by adult duties, completely forgot his wonderful feelings from his childhood and abandoned his own children. Plunging into the atmosphere of childhood, he begins to live life to the fullest.

We are already accustomed to consider Christopher Robin to be the victim of a parental experiment. They say that Winnie does not like the bear, and he considered the father-writer a manipulator who had profited from his childhood. And in the new film by Mark Forster, who shot “The Magic Country” and “Character”, adult Christopher Robin is glad to meet his old teddy friend. Faddy toy animals are well made and evoke the warmest emotions. But now they are not as close to the Russian audience as Pooh, Piglet and Donkey from the cartoon Fyodor Khitruk.

"Spy Game"

Not the most outstanding spy romance movie.

Producer:Ben lwin

Cast:Paul Rudd, Mark Strong, Connie Nielsen, Guy Pierce, Sienna Miller

Retrotriller about Mo Berg, polyglot, sportsman and spy of American intelligence. Berg's task is to find out all the information about the nuclear bomb and take a German nuclear scientist to the States.

Events develop against the background of the Second World War, which complicates things for Berg. In the role of a talented intelligence officer Paul Rudd, who emerged from the role of cute losers, but did not lose some kind of confused humanity in intonations.

"Between the rows"

A warm film about little people in a big supermarket.

Producer:Thomas Stuber

Cast:Sandra Huller, Franz Rogowski, Peter Kurt, Henning Peker

Chamber production drama, warm, tender and causing a smile.

The general story of two small people, loader Christian and Marion from the department of sweets, unfolds in a huge supermarket, which at night turns into a small country with its geography and its inhabitants.


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