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Cocktail "Boyarsky"

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
May 31, 2011
Cocktail "Boyarsky"

Cocktail was invented in the Republic of Happiness - on KaZantip. It is believed that the authors are the bartender, freelance artist and doctor-nakrokolog.

Cocktail "Boyarsky" refers to the Russian national cocktails. In bars, such a cocktail is rarely seen, not counting the bars of the Republic of KaZantip.

Cocktail Boyarsky: classic composition

Cocktail "Boyarsky" - this is a strong and sweet shot. The original cocktail is prepared from vodka, grenadine and tobacco, in proportions of 30 ml, 20 ml and 2 ml, respectively. The method of preparation is as follows: pour grenadine into a small pile, pour vodka on the back of a spoon and add a few drops of tobasco. Drink in one gulp.

At the moment there are already several varieties of cocktail "Boyarsky." Russian people experimenting with ingredients. And most of the cocktails based on vodka are named “Boyarsky”. I will introduce you only with some cocktails from the “Boyarsky” family.

Variations of the Boyarsky cocktail

"Blue Boyarsky"

Ingredients: Vodka (50 ml), Blue Curacao (20 ml), Dash Tabasco.

Poured into a glass, mixed and drunk in one gulp. A mixture of nuclear.

"Red Boyarsky"

Ingredients: vodka (50 ml), grenadine (20 ml), dash tobasco.

Take turns pouring the ingredients into a glass, mix. Drink in one gulp.

"Log Drink Boyarsky"

Ingredients: vodka (100 ml), grenadine (70 ml), dash tobasco (2), sprite (100 ml), ice (optional).

All ingredients are poured into a highball, ice is added. Stir the mixture.

Cocktail "Boyarsky" with juice

Ingredients: vodka (20 ml), elderberry juice (20 ml), lemon juice (10 ml), dash tobasco.

All ingredients are poured into a pile, you can make layers, i.e. do not mix.

As a tradition or just for fun, after you have drunk the Boyarsky cocktail, you should knock a couple of times with the bottom of the stack on the counter (table). And shout out one of the phrases of the heroes of M. Boyarsky. Well, for example, the most famous: "A thousand devils!"

There is one more kind of cocktail "Boyarsky", the so-called punk-rock version. To make a cocktail in this version, you will need Coca-Cola, beer and port. Half a liter glass for a quarter is filled with port wine, Coca-Cola is added to half of the glass. At the end of the beer is poured to the brim of the glass. All this is gently mixed. Cocktail is ready.

Choose your version of a cocktail. Try, experiment.But the main thing is not to get carried away. In all you need to know when to stop. Start with the classic "Boyarsky" cocktail. And do not forget, after you have drunk a cocktail, you should shout "Kanalla" or "Thousand devils!". Or the phrase that you remember from the films with Boyarsky.


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