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Cooperation with the rescue service

Is it necessary to cooperate with the rescue service if there are flammable objects in production? Is it possible to get a fine?
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John barell
John barell
Answered on February 14, 15:57
Of course you can, when checking if you find that you are not cooperating with the service, the staff have not been trained, and there is no evacuation plan in production and fire-fighting appliances will easily be given a fine. So it is better to take everything into account in advance, especially since it is your safety.
Ultamac loster
Ultamac loster
Answered on February 14 16:03
It is necessary to cooperate, since this is primarily a concern for the workers and the entire production. In any production where there are flammable objects, there is always a high risk of fire, which is generally a frequent occurrence, so it would be wise to conclude an agreement with a good rescue unit.
Velaskes gry
Velaskes gry
Answered on February 14, 16:09
Above all, everything was rightly said - cooperation with a proven rescue unit, which has long been offering its services, will serve only for the benefit.Good service always conducts emergency rescue operations in production, as well as professionally trains your employees in basic actions in case of emergencies.

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