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Cosmetology of the near future: what awaits us?

If our grandmothers in their youth were told that electronic devices and lasers would be the main assistants in beauty hovering, and the beauty of decorative cosmetics would reach such a peak that it would literally be possible to bathe in it, they would consider it fantasy or stupid.

And indeed, on the dressing table of Soviet women it was impossible to meet such a huge number of jars, bubbles, bottles and tubes, which proudly stay on the pier of modern girls and women.

Youth really save

However, time goes on, every beautiful person is interested in what awaits us in the near future, what will be pleased with beauticians and scientists of beauty spheres in some 20-30 years?

Probably, no one needs to explain how important skin care is, and you should start it from youth, without waiting for the first wrinkles to appear. At birth, each person is given a certain reserve of resources, which are gradually consumed by the body during life, supporting our appearance in a young and flowering state.

But, as if this would not be desirable, there comes a moment when resources expire or practically expire, the functions that are responsible for the youth of our skin, stop working.

Of course, old age can not be avoided, but you need to be able to grow old beautifully, with dignity and grace!

Cosmetics of the future, which is already partly poured into a set of modern skin care products, allows not only to grow old beautifully, but also to remain 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than their real age for a long time!

Scientists around the world for a long time engaged in the development and search for such cosmetics, which can effectively and sparingly rejuvenate human skin. And such an event happened, the rejuvenation cosmetics became a real breakthrough, which is able to affect not only the top layer of skin, only temporarily masking the signs of aging, and not reaching the main problem.

Such cosmetics work at the level of the cellular structure of the skin, affecting its deep processes and functions. The so-called cosmetics of the future, two directions recently are of particular interest - neurocosmetics and cosmetics based on nanotechnology.

How can cosmetics be associated with nanotechnology?

Recently, nanotechnology has firmly and confidently rushed into the life of modern man, turning everything literally in its path, radically changing the worldview of man in principle. Such an extensive science could not fail to touch on cosmetology, because, as it turns out, any substance can have absolutely new and unusual properties, if we consider only a separate small particle of this substance.

Cosmetology develops every year.

Such microscopic particles are called nanoparticles, each of which can differ in a unique property that can be used for specific purposes.

Cosmetics that contain such nanoparticles, called nanocosmetics, it is fundamentally different from all the usual and traditional methods of facial skin care.

Why is it so unique? The fact is that the capabilities of nanocosmetics can be traced at a deep level: crumbs of nanoparticles penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, they deliver all the valuable substances, trace elements, vitamins, collagen, hyalouran acid directly to the target, without any loss and “stop” on the upper levels of the epidermis.

Thus, the skin is fed from the inside with all the necessary substances for it, internal processes of rejuvenation are activated, which lacked certain catalysts. Already now on sale it is possible to meet nanokompleksy, which consist of nanokremov and various whey, of course, the price for such a miracle cosmetics is still prohibitive, but the effect, according to experts, is simply amazing.

Mimic wrinkles are smoothed out, bags under the eyes disappear, nasolabial depressions are reduced, and the complexion acquires a fresh and healthy appearance, all of it in literally 1-2 applications!

Neurocosmetics - smart cosmetics

Another type of cosmetics of the future, which fully works at the cellular level, penetrating into the depths of the epidermis and affecting the nervous system. Doctors and specialists of the beauty sector have long come to the conclusion that stress and nervous tension negatively affect the youth and beauty of our skin, the brightness and elasticity are lost, wrinkles and wrinkles appear.

She surprised us inapplicable

Our largest organ, the skin, is completely penetrated with nerves and nerve fibers, as it turned out, their condition and "youth" can very clearly reflect on the state of the epidermis.

Especially for this, scientists and specialists have developed special cosmetics that can slow down the aging process of the nervous system, and at the same time significantly prolong the youth and beauty of our skin. The development of neurocosmetics in full swing in Japan, which is considered the legislator and the progenitors of this method of rejuvenation, but it is already beginning to be used in the United States and some European countries.

Between themselves, the Japanese call such cosmetics “highly intelligent”, because it can improve the information exchange between cells, as well as endow each of them with a personalized program of development and functioning, which allows for a significant increase in the level of vital activity of each of them.

As a result, beautiful appearance, 50-year-old women are able to look like 25-year-old girls, and without any addiction or surgical intervention.

But what about the injections of "beauty"?

It is hard to believe that ever so common and popular botulinum toxin injections among the female population will become completely unclaimed. Already, many women are beginning to refuse such methods of rejuvenation,after all, whatever one may say, too much heap of negative consequences and possible reactions of the body to injections.

The cost of such funds is high

Already, scientists in this field offer the use of "Botox effect" creams that effectively rejuvenate the skin of the face, restore elasticity and freshness to it. In fact, they do not have botulinum toxin in their composition, since its molecules are too large to pass through the surface of the epidermis. A stunning effect is brought by specially developed substances, most often peptides of amino acids, which have a smoothing effect.

And what else?

Recently, it is increasingly possible to come across statements about the miraculous effects of holistic cosmetology, which has a complex effect on the entire body as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific problem, for example, a wrinkle on the forehead or dull complexion.

This cosmetology is common in the East, where it is believed that it does not matter where the disease manifested itself, most importantly, it is its presence and the need for its treatment. Only a comprehensive recovery and rejuvenation of the body can bring effective and lasting results.

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