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Dangerous millions: what threatens the jackpot?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 26, 2016
Dangerous millions: what threatens the jackpot?

What is the sweetest and most attractive word for a casino player? I think the answer to this question is obvious. This word is a jackpot.

It is about what lies behind this word that absolutely every player dreams. After all, in fact, the game itself is being started for the meager, but nevertheless, the opportunity to hit the jackpot. I do not believe anyone who will prove that he plays only for the sake of the game itself, for the sake of the process. All the same, even such a player does not want to lose and dreams of winning. And the larger it is - the dizzier and stronger the dreams!

But - what an interesting phenomenon after all - few players think about what will happen to him after he wins the jackpot. But for it all begins! Think about it, do you imagine - at least approximately - where will you spend the money if you can get rich? Do you already know where to invest? What business will you open? Or where will you go to relax?

As the experience of the lives of many people whom fortune smiled shows, they did not even imagine that such things were possible ... and, naturally, they did not know what to do with money.

This approach had the opposite effect. Instead of bringing immeasurable happiness to a person, easy money - on the contrary - led people to suffer.

There are lots of such stories. Take, for example, John Tippina. This is an ordinary postal employee, nothing special. But in 1996 he decided to spend his vacation not just anywhere, but in Las Vegas itself. And did not lose. If an ordinary person only spends his money during a vacation, then John, unlike us all, decided to multiply it. The result of this decision was quite a beautiful figure - 12 million dollars.

As a result of his vacation, John clearly could state the fact of a positive balance of his personal balance.

Then a strip of limousines, miss world and so on went. But it turned out that all this is oh how long. And now in 2001, tired and overwhelmed, John released his confession entitled “I did it! My life after receiving megadeneg! ”, In which he talks about his mad takeoff and disgusting fall to the state of an alcoholic and a loser.“Those who think that a big score will solve all their problems are mistaken,” writes John in his book. And then diligently discourages its readers from visiting the casino.

But is the casino to blame for its fall? Sorry what? What gave him 12 million? No. Only Mr. Tippin himself is guilty and his unpreparedness for such money.


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