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Decor pipes inside the apartment

How often do we use the Internet to get some idea for creativity or decoration of our home? I think, quite often, but not always these ideas suit us. Here I faced such a problem. In my house, or rather on the veranda, there are two exhaust pipes from the neighbors below, and all of them, as they say, are “eyesore”. Creative people will understand me. Climbing across the expanses of the Internet, unfortunately did not find anything. But just recently I became interested in the decoupage technique. After a little reflection, I decided to create something masterpiece with my own hands. And here I was rescued by the Internet. I found a beautiful picture in black and white color (I have a black and white printer) and printed a poster in the format (4x4). And then began to decor. But all in order. And so for the work I needed such materials and tools: - picture (as described above), - PVA glue, - acrylic varnish, - scissors,
- brushes, -journal paper "null". First you need to paint the pipe white, but I have already painted it, so I started gluing right away.Cut the picture.
Cutting the picture
From the back side we glue it liberally with glue and let it brew (the principle of sticking paper wallpaper).
 smear glue
When the paper is soaked, but not until the deacidification, it is necessary to clearly endure the time (about 2-3 minutes), apply it to the pipe and gently smooth it.
Top we coat with glue with PVA again. Glue the next sheet, picking up the picture, the same technique.
Decor pipes
After sticking, we give to dry for at least 6 hours.
Decor pipes
Then cover with the first layer of acrylic lacquer.
After 4 hours carefully, in order not to damage the drawing, we sand it with sandpaper “null”.
 Pipe Decor
Then remove dust and bloom with a cloth and cover it again with a layer of acrylic lacquer.We give dry and admire our work - not ordinary and unique.
 Pipe Decor
 Pipe Decor
As you can see, I decorate the same shelf for shoes, and mezzanine door. Here an irrepressible flight of fancy has already begun. So do not restrain yourself, and you get a unique element of decor. At you necessarily all will turn out. Good luck!

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