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Decorate the site with garden figures: 20 cute inspiration ideas

Garden figures in the landscape design of the dacha.

First of all, garden figures perform a decorative function, originally decorating the site and helping to create an interesting effect of surprise, playfulness and cheerfulness. An excellent design solution for those who have not forgotten that we all come from childhood. Funny characters in the form of decorative figures will help revive and make new in the design of the garden, driving away the dullness, dullness and monotony. Creatively combining garden figures with flowers, trees and shrubs, you can create unique fantasy compositions. But if you think that this is just a cute creative prank, you are mistaken. Modern garden figures often perform a number of practical functions: they serve as lanterns, illuminating evenings garden paths, supports for ornamental climbing plants, feeding troughs and drinking bowls for birds.The figures can be made in different styles, and their sizes can vary from the smallest ones (tiny statues and miniature figures) to refined, majestic statues in the antique style. It is important that all elements of the decor are in harmony with the house and the landscape, creating comfort and comfort. Accessories transform a garden, but they should be used sparingly so as not to overstep the line separating the concepts of style and originality with vulgarity.

Popular materials for garden figures.

Garden figures can be made of granite, metal, plastic, wood, stone, gypsum, ceramics, polyresin. In order for garden figures to enjoy their gaze with bright colors and attractive appearance for a long time, preference should be given to frost-resistant and UV-resistant materials. An excellent budget option is the polystone, which is one of the most popular and versatile materials for landscape design. Polistoun is an artificial stone, which is created on the basis of acrylic resin with the addition of pigments and aluminum hydroxide. This composition allows you to create a homogeneous structure that minimizes the possibility of the formation of cracks and pores.Polistoun is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, it is not very susceptible to deformation, it is durable, it tolerates the effects of precipitation, which is extremely important for our climate zone.

Gnome is the hunt for gnomes.

Today, the range of garden decorations is unusually wide, but it is the gray-bearded gnomes, fabulous dwarfs from Scandinavian and Germanic mythology who live underground and guard the underground treasures and treasures, as real patriarchs of garden design. They are famous for a very tricky and nasty character, but deep down they are kind and “fluffy”, and they get along well with people. It is only important to place the gnome in a cozy corner of the garden, periodically wipe, wash and ... talk with him. The first garden gnomes were made at the beginning of the nineteenth century in Thuringia, Germany, by businessman Philip Gribil. They began to symbolize the idyll of the German front garden and became one of the most popular export goods in Germany. The Germans still today do not hide their love for the dwarves, which can be found in almost any garden. Along with the popularity of gnomes, the popularity of the so-called gnome is growing - abduction practices of garden gnomes, which are “released” in the forests, are left in the most unexpected places,or even send them to world travels, as the fantasist Amelie Poulain did, sending the photos of the “runaway” gnomes to the owners.

Scarecrow - a domestic gnome?

If in Western European countries it is considered to be a classic of garden decor to be dwarfs, in our area this is undoubtedly a common scarecrow, resembling a human figure and serving as a deception for birds. It is easy to make a scarecrow with your own hands - you just need to make a frame and find the right outfit. You can buy a very colorful ready-made version, although it will most likely be called not a scarecrow, but a “garden doll.”

Garden figures are an excellent intriguing decoration that helps to highlight accents and attract attention to those areas of the garden, the originality and beauty of which you want to emphasize. Decorative garden figurines instantly transform an inexpressive, patterned garden zone into an extraordinary and stylish corner. Many garden creative lovers are so fascinated by decorating the garden with figurines that they turn into real collectors looking for the most unusual and colorful specimens.


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