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Decorating a flower pot with a cloth

The same flower pots create a dull picture. It would be desirable, that they, as well as flowers, were different and not similar against each other. You can buy pots of different colors and shapes. And you can sew the most original clothes for each pot. In this master class there are only two examples of fabric decoration. How you decorate your flower pots depends on your imagination and skills. Materials and tools: • fabric; • centimeter; • threads , needle; • tapes (white, red); • buttons (white and red); • scissors.
Materials and Tools

1. First, take the measurements from the flowerpot. Using a centimeter to determine the height of the pot, the width of the top and bottom. Based on these data, cut off a piece of light fabric of appropriate size. Sew the edges to form a pipe. From above, we fold the fabric and sew it. We also fasten the fabric below. For sewing such covers for pots, it is best to choose a fabric that stretches. For example, knitwear, stretch and the like.  knitwear
2. Try on stitched detail on a flower pot. It should fit freely in the crosslinked pipe so that if necessary it can be removed from the pot. For example, to wash.
 stitched detail
3. Now we decorate the pot. We prepare the details for the decor. We sew the red ribbon to make a circle. We sew along the edge with a red thread and fasten it, we do not cut the thread, and in the middle we sew a red button. A lush flower from a ribbon was obtained.  lush ribbon flower
 Lush flower from the ribbon
4. We take two white plastic buttons, one red and sew on the cover of the pot, having a vertical position. For the white buttons we take the red thread, for the red one - the white.
 white plastic buttons
5. Next to the buttons we sew a made red flower.We sew only the middle of the flower. Non-sewn edges will create even more volume. Clothes for one flower pot is ready!
 sew made red flower
6. Next, proceed to decorating the second pot. To do this, choose a dark fabric, can be monophonic. For the same pattern as for the first pot, cut out the pattern and carefully sew. Again, try on the pot. We check that it can be removed.
 proceed to decorating
7. We start decorating this "clothes" for a flower pot. We take the white ribbon and the materials of her bow tie. To do this, you need to double the tape and sew in the middle, pull the thread. In place of the seam put a piece of ribbon and sew on the wrong side.
8. Sew the white" butterfly "on top of the pot case. We sew only the middle of the tie, it is not necessary along the edges.
 sew a bow
9. Just below the "butterfly" sew a couple of buttons, placing one under one.The first button is placed so that the seam turns vertically, and the second one is turned for a horizontal seam. It turned out that such a flower pot is a gentleman.  seam put a piece Such clothes for flower pots will decorate any house. Parts can be easily replaced. If you are already tired of a red flower, you can sew another one in color or shape instead. And you can decorate the pot, for example, with animal figures. Or sew buttons in the shape of animals. At will, you can decorate flowerpots differently. [/L_REPEAT]

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