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Decorations from foam and plastic for decorative rate

Summer is a special time. Many hostesses, in addition to the daily needlework, are also accepted for the improvement of a cottage, a garden or a country site. After all, beautiful flower beds, even beds, as well as educational grounds for summer children's fun are the same “brainchild” of any wizard, as well as, say, her mitts, a knitted children's pullover or a picture embroidered with love. Creating decorative elements to decorate the land The site is a very interesting activity, it’s impossible to do this all year round. Intimacy with nature and the feeling that you are contributing to the improvement of the environment just can not but rejoice. And most importantly - the most interesting things can be created even from junk material. This cute water lily, big-eyed dragonfly, funny little frog are made like this! In addition to bright and colorful appearance, these "tenants" still perfectly hold on the water. Air foam and light plastic will not let this composition drown, which will make your brook, stakes or pool even more interesting. So, to create such an artwork, prepare the following:
  • a small piece of foam;
  • soft plasticine;
  • colorful straws for cocktails;
  • white blister packing from tablets
  • >
  • the middle part of a large green bottle;
  • a packet or a nibble of white color;
  • scissors;
  • ballpoint pen .
Silhouettes of dragonfly and frog draw with colored pencils on paper and cut out.
 Polystyrene and plastic jewelry
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Then we outline each pen on the foam and also carefully cut out .
Decorations from foam and plastic
 Polystyrene and plastic decorations
Now these we completely cover the figures with a thin layer of plasticine, evenly distributing it over the entire surface of the foam parts.
 Decoration of foam plastic and plastic
Dragonfly with It reads two colors at once, so this must be taken into account when applying the sticky base.
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Because plasticine is soft, it pretty quickly absorbed and even paints a little hands. Therefore, before starting work with a different color, you should always wash your hands thoroughly. After the basics are “painted”, we proceed to their decor. We cut many small circles out of the tubes, which we will later mount over the clay itself.
 Polystyrene and plastic decoration
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Each section of the calf and wings of the dragonfly corresponds to a certain color of the straw.
Decoration of foam plastic and plastic
And the frog should just be covered with solid rows of green trim.
 Decorations from foam plastic and plastic
Insect we cut the eyes out of the blister packaging, leaving an oblong strip on one side of each circle pointed end.
 Decorations from foam and plastic
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Then we string these ends on a dragonfly, deepening them all the way. Pupils draw with black marker, nail polish or iodine solution.
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Frog should cut smaller eyes. It would be better to pin them with ordinary stationery pins.So they are not only firmly entrenched, but they will also look very original.
 Decorations from foam and plastic
 Polystyrene and plastic jewelry
Finally, the first tenants of your reservoir are ready! As you can see, they are able to swim perfectly and to push off the water well (clay and tubes do not get wet at all).
 Decoration of foam and plastic
It remains to make a flower. Cut out a piece of plastic for our water lily, and just cut the oilcloth into wide strips.
 Decoration from foam and plastic
 Decoration of foam plastic and plastic
On white oil-cloth blanks make narrow cuts, leaving the bottom edge of the oilcloth intact. So we get a lot of thin petals.
 Decorations from foam and plastic
Then we twist all these parts into a roll and sew from the bottom with a needle with a thread.At the end, gently straighten the flower and put it on the green leaf. Now the composition is complete!
 Foam and plastic decorations
 Polystyrene and plastic decoration

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