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Decorations in color: 7 examples of successful combinations

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Save the classic gray and brown colors for autumn, but for now, treat yourself to the delicious colors of popsicles, flower bouquets and exotic islands in the middle of the ocean. Do not bother yourself with the "right" combinations and do not get into the color recommendations of horoscopes, but simply listen to the heart and trust your own taste: they will not deceive you and indicate to you the color or shade that you need right now. And if bright colors promise to raise your spirits and help fight against avitaminosis, then you should not limit yourself to just one shade - two will make your life even more colorful!

Green + purple

In the spring, flower prints on dresses, tops and skirts bloom in shop windows. The best accessories for such a riot of flora? All the same flowers, only in the delicate form of miniature jewelry.


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