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Crafting a DIY Ant

A charming ant with a hairy abdomen and legs. Summer is the brightest and most expressive time, and every child with great pleasure tries to reflect impressions received in this time of year in his creative works.

Therefore, with great pleasure, children make various summer crafts with their own hands, trying to keep at least a small piece of sunny days and warm emotions in them.

Crafting an ant with your own hands

Making an ant with your own hands

As a basis for creativity, you can take a variety of materials. In the summer, at the time of picnics and trips to the bosom of nature, crafts from disposable spoons become especially relevant. If desired, they can be turned into interesting, unexpected, images.

One of the examples of such works is the article "The Ant". With her own hands, a child of any age, including a younger one, can make it.

What you need:

  • two disposable spoons of red(you can paint it red with nail polish or plastic paint with ordinary white spoons);
  • black blue wire;
  • toy eyes;
  • polymer glue.
 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

Getting started.

Spoons fold each other with each other, the wide part of each spoon should be turned in one direction.

Fold the spoons

Fold the spoons

Fix the handles of the spoons to each other with black blue wire, winding them.

We tie spoons with wire

We tie spoons with wire

For greater strength, you can pre-fasten the handles with polymer glue - then they will not slide relative to each other. We use several pieces of wire - at least three. You can also use ordinary wire, or combine it with yarn for knitting.

We stick toy eyes on a wide part of one of the spoons.


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