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DIY manicure

In the bustle of everyday life, many girls simply do not have time to visit beauty salons and nail studios. But each of us wants to have a quality manicure, because our pens see dozens of people every day. Today you will learn how to do a manicure and care for your nails correctly.

First of all, hands should be well-groomed. After all, if you apply a varnish on sick or exfoliated nails, we will get an ugly and rough manicure. The most important aspect of manicure is care, hydration and strengthening. Manicure is designed not only for the aesthetic type of nails, but also for reasons of hygiene, because by doing a manicure, you remove dust and dirt under the nails, as well as regrown cuticle.

For self-manicure, you will need the following materials: a small towel, cotton pads, tools for manicure, a bath with warm water, a special cuticle removal cream, a wooden stick (it is also called orange), a brush for nails and a hand cream. Before starting, wash your hands thoroughly, use a stiff brush to remove all dirt and wipe off any excess varnish with a wash.To remove the old lacquer, you can use the removal fluid without acetone, it does not overdry the nail plate. Remove the remains better with a cotton swab.

Next, we need to choose and shape the nail with a nail file. Remember: when choosing a long form of nails will break more often. Try to keep the length on both hands the same, otherwise it will not look aesthetically pleasing. After determining the length, the question of form arises. Everything is a little more complicated here, because everyone has different tastes. Classic manicure is considered to be a little long with an oval shape, also cat claws are in fashion. Remember: cutting corners should not be too deep to avoid burrs and inflammatory processes.

The basic rules of manicure will allow you to save your money without masters of nail service. Consider a few of them.

Apply to the cuticle a special tool for softening, rubbing and wait a couple of minutes. Wooden stick gently remove the skin. To remove burrs and prevent their recurrence, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide. To add shine to the upper surface will help pumice stone or a soft file.A polishing file is also suitable, but do not forget that a hard file should be used only when the nail is in very poor condition and the nail plate can be evened out only with the hard side of the buff. For prevention, it can be used no more than once every six months. At the end of the whole procedure, moisturize your hands and nails with a rich cream.

To the note: if after the manicure you are unhappy with the shine of the nail, use gel or cuticle oil. Glitter will increase almost tenfold. The tool should be applied evenly along the entire length. The procedure should be carried out no more than 1 time in seven days, but we do baths for hands as often as possible. Paraffin therapy does not hurt, it will allow to harden your nails and skin of hands.

Following these instructions, your nails will always be well-groomed and healthy. Do not be lazy to be beautiful, because a woman is the embodiment of cleanliness and grooming. Your hands are the secret weapon for men. You will forget about brittle and cracked nails forever. With such tips you will be on top.


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