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Do children need modern couples?

Take a look around. Thirty years were divided into several camps. In one row are those who walk along the beaten track and have already got children. In the other - those who knowingly offspring do not plan, and the question about the offspring responds with something like: "Why are they to us? We are so good together ”or“ They will take away my freedom, but I am not ready for this (a). ”

Old Believers shrug, everyone else silently envy, asking: "And how did they decide on such audacious honesty?" The problem is that we all witnessed an unprecedented baby boom. From all sides, it sounds like a truism, that children are the main thing. That a family without children is not a family. That children are a duty, a vocation and unlimited happiness. See how great that the source of happiness for all can be one! Of course, no one argues with nature and instincts, but today traditional postulates about the institution of marriage and parenthood in general simply do not work. Or not all work. Modern man is sure that children are not the goal in life. A society with all its requirements and a maniacal children's PR campaign for many causes only rejection and leads to the reluctance to have a child in principle.And the inconceivable number of divorces and abandoned children even questions the plush story that everybody needs offspring.

Do children need modern couples?

Do children need modern couples?

Why suddenly the future child should become the main object in a very interesting life? Modern man is lost, because he thinks a little differently than all previous generations. He already has some of his own meanings - love, work, personal space, the rhythm of life at last. Why suddenly he should want to put it all away and devote his life to parenting? And you know, it’s quite normal to have something else besides plans to have a child, society just still resists this audacious thought.

The traditional approach with its own hyper-responsible and hyperbolic parenthood syndromes broke the minds of many mothers who had a head on the topic of motherhood. Worst of all, soon all family members may suffer from it.

In general, the classical scheme of being, which we perfectly know on our own examples from childhood.

The duty to be a father and mother today has become a monstrous marketing task, has become a whole industry with all sorts of courses for childbirth and books on proper education.Be a support, do not let go of yourself, do not take out of the sling, feed for up to three years, otherwise there will be problems with affection, the unrestrained mothers shout at forums that have caught the trend. It's all beautiful, but frightening at the same time.

Do children need modern couples?

Do children need modern couples?

The thesis “the child is the main thing in the family” is an incredibly daunting task. And if I do not want to dive into all this, should I have a child? And if he isn’t the most important, will the guilt fall on me? What if my husband and I are divorced? These and many other questions naturally come to mind to the modern self-sufficient person, who acts wisely and thinks before deciding on something serious.

So what do you do in the end? Most likely, to observe how the consciousness and philosophy of today's couples are changing. If they think about children in the future, they most likely rely on a partnership and another full member of the gang-family team. It is unlikely that the world will start spinning around the child. He will be able to breathe calmly, watching how his parents grow with him and adequately perceive him. Where everyone continues to engage in their own self-realization, and parenthood is only part of this plan.Where are destroyed the myths about the fundamental education and where more attention is paid to the feelings and conversations of the souls. Where they do not learn to listen to their elders without obedience, and where the opinions of every representative of generations are respected.

What are the tasks then put modern parents, if not to educate and teach life? Just living together, sharing emotions and filling the soul with happy moments - day after day

And perhaps, then, in this truly conscious parenthood, without sugary ryushes or boring reflections on upbringing, children — the happiest people in the world — will grow.


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