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Do dolphins eat?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 21, 2012
Do dolphins eat?

Dolphins are very smart graceful and cheerful inhabitants of the marine world. Many scientists tend to attribute dolphins to intelligent creatures. We learn a little more about these wonderful creatures.

Total information

The dolphin can live up to 75-80 years, the average life expectancy is 50 years. A newborn dolphin weighs about 20 kg, an adult can reach 200 kg. At birth, the dolphin is 50-60 cm long, the female can bring one baby at a time, the mother cares for some time and protects her cub. Body temperature - 36.6 degrees. The gestation period is about 1 year. The female feeds the baby with milk.

Dolphins breathe with the help of the lungs, so the animals sometimes come up to get the next batch of oxygen. Usually air lasts for 2-3 minutes, but sometimes dolphins are able to hold their breath for 10 minutes.

Many are interested in the question - what do dolphins eat? They feed mainly on fish and squid, but their teeth (88 pieces) are not intended to be chewed, so dolphins swallow fish whole.

Dolphins - food for the Japanese

Another popular question is whether dolphins eat. No matter how terrible it sounds, in some parts of Japan dolphin meat is considered traditional, so there you can often find dishes from dolphin meat. The law of Japan does not prohibit this.

In the local restaurants without any problems you can taste delicious dishes made from dolphin meat. Dolphin soup is especially popular, they also make kebabs and even eat it raw. Dolphin meat has a bright taste that is not similar to anything - neither to the meat of any animal, nor to fish.

In Japan, the food from the dolphin is very popular, it is quite familiar to locals and is not for them a delicacy or luxury. You can buy dolphin meat in many markets, as well as in stores. Also, meat is sold directly at the port.


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