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Do-It-Yourself Roof: Construction Sequence

In the construction of residential buildings, the main type of roof is pitched. Its basis is made by rafters, forming as a result complex structures. They can lean directly on the walls, but still experts recommend installing a power plate. Mauerlat is a timber laid on the wall and secured with anchors.

Structure of pitched roofs

The rafters and the mauerlat interact with each other, since the former rest on the second and are attached to it with metal clips or plates that ensure their reliable connection. When constructing a roof in a building with a brick wall, it is necessary to lay annealed iron wire through the meter in its laying along the meter, which is folded in half and equipped with fittings. This wire anchor, laid between the bricks with the ends of the wire protruding to the outside of the wall, will be a reliable way to attach the power plate.

So, if you didn’t know how to build a roof with your own hands, then the power plate is first installed, on which the rafters then rest. The next steps are the installation of the ridge beam, the device of the crate and directly - the laying of the roof.

Before building a roof, it is better to immediately make its design and take into account in advance all the necessary details and their parameters. For example, do not forget to release the rafters on the edge of the wall so that they form a roof overhang, which will protect the wall from moisture from the roof later.

Nuances of the device of the crate

After all the trusses are installed, they are connected with a ridge beam and the crate is mounted on them. It is an edging board. You can also take a cheaper option - an unedged board, but you need to carefully remove all remnants of the bark from it.

Nails are nailed to the rafters with long nails. A solid crate requires a more tight fit of the boards to each other, so they are pushed with an ax, thus adjusting them so that the gaps between them are reduced.

One article will not tell you everything about how to build a roof with your own hands, but you will have some general idea about this.

For example, the construction and size of the batten depends on which roofing material you choose. For example, metal tiles are not recommended to be laid on the unedged board. In this case, better lathing from the beam, which is nailed to the scour, the step of which is the same as a wave of metal tile.


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